Day 10

Warning: This could turn into an ugly rant.

I woke this morning ashamed. Ashamed of myself, ashamed of our country, ashamed of our species. Through a toxic combination of reckless ignorance and unbridled greed, we have brought civilization to the brink of disaster. To my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, I am as sorry as I can be. I promise to do better in the few years I have left on earth.

I'm sorry I didn't work harder to fight the spread of evil. I didn't work hard enough to keep a dumb asshole from becoming our president. We elected a known criminal who destroys everything he touches, and a US Senate that enables his very worst instincts. Before this pandemic passes, Trump will witness two million deaths in the United States, each one the result of his gross incompetence. For most of us, that's just a number. But it won't be long before every one of us knows a person who died because of Donald Fucking Trump.

The timeline of Trump's failure is clear and damning. Instead of giving honest guidance to the American people (something he is incapable of), Trump wasted two full months with lies designed to shore up the economy. It didn't work. In fact, he literally destroyed a third of the US economy, with more bad news to come. The president has publicly recommended medicine that is literally killing people. Even worse, he has decimated the public agencies responsible for responding to a pandemic like the one we're facing.

I put the blame on myself, but not on myself alone. The other main targets of my ire are the Republican members of the US Senate, especially Richard Burr. The Senate didn't impeach the Orange Menace when they had the chance, leaving him to run our country into the ground without restraint. To this day, they continue to enable him, to tolerate his outrageous lies and criminal intent. Just watch and see how Trump's businesses benefit from the Pandemic Recovery Act working its way through Congress.


It's tempting get distracted by revenge. I want to see Trump jailed for treason, Richard Burr too. But neither of those things will happen. A third of Americans are delusional Trump supporters who will drag us all into a mass grave with them. Because no matter how much care an individual takes to avoid infection, we are inextricably linked to our whole population.

There's some cause for hope. The full-court global press to find effective treatment. The success of other countries in tamping down the disease. The amazing spirit of so many who are turning the pandemic into a teachable moment.

But none of these things are the result of America's leadership. We long ago ceded our moral authority in the world, and now we are discovering our political and economic stature greatly diminished. The Trump administration doesn't know it yet, but it's on life support. The cast of clowns is failing at every turn to get things right. Republicans in the Senate are whistling past the graveyard, even as five of them now have tested positive for the coronavirus. It's going to get uglier and uglier.

For all of this and more, I beg the forgiveness of future generations. All I can do at this point is speak the truth and work my ass off to crush the Party of Trump into oblivion. Until they are gone, we won't be able to chart an effective course of public action. In the meantime, we must do our best, even when it means working around the criminals currently in charge of our government.



They really need to stop airing

Trump's daily virus briefing. Especially since Trump seems to be pushing Dr. Anthony Fauci out of the picture, who is/was the only one telling the truth.

Neither your rage, nor mine, will change the course of Trump

or his and/or outside of Congress. Until, hopefully, November. If by then the majority of people haven't realized the corruption and lack of leadership and make a massive course change, we're screwed. We're currently getting, and will get, a massive dose of reality in the next few weeks/months. What's happening in NY will spread, and it will likely be unnecessary to lobby/rant for change. At a huge cost in life and money. If I'm still around, I want justice and punishment. Nuremberg style.

Stan Bozarth