David Parker

I just happened to stumble across this video. Hopefully David won't mind me posting it here.


Fabulous video

Looks like Frank's handiwork ... but to whoever did it ... nice job.

Even more important, the message is right on the money.

I thought so, too

And after all the letdowns we've had lately, it's kind of nice to be able to get excited about something.

p.s. good to see you again, my brother.

Good to be back

I'll be easing in slowly ... still have my hands full with work work. Thanks so much to you and Stan for holding down the fort. And by all means, keep holding it down. I'm eager to be entirely dispensable.

Pretty decent video

But two problems:

Parker mentions re-electing Obama and defending Gov. Perdue.

I have no interest in either. In fact, I wish to defeat Obama in either a primary or a general.

The Democratic Party needs to stand for something more than a person in office.

The platform or some set of core values would be a great place to start.

I'd like to see a video about that rather than an attempt to prop up two incredibly inept politicians.


I missed the Perdue part

and tend to share your resistance on that front. Not quite there on Obama, but getting close.

With regard to standing for something other than a person in office, I'm afraid we're living in the wrong state. North Carolina is on the fast track to becoming a parody of South Carolina, which is pretty damn sad.

Not being an insider, I don't know whether it's safe to say that Perdue has given the nod to Parker or not. You'd think a sitting governor would have some say about who's on first, but then again, you'd think a sitting Democratic governor would do a lot of things that aren't getting done. For example, one might expect she'd take a stand against dumping tons of mercury into the Cape Fear River. Not.

"Or a general"?

You're killing me, pal. Fred doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell, which I'm sure you know, so that means you're talking about supporting Romney, Huckabee, or even the grizzly lady over Obama.

Fresh air, man. As in, "go outside and get some", as there's apparently some sort of carbon monoxide buildup hampering your thought processes.

Willing to lose a battle...

in order to win the war.

As a aside, I actually had to google to see which Fred you might be referring to. I suppose you meant Karger, but Fred Thompson and a Fred the Zombie also pop up.

I'd rather fight an enemy in front of me than one that stabs me in the back.

Here's a profile in courage from a state senator in Illinois -- that just passed civil unions legislation.

Take a lesson, Obama.


To quote Bill Paxton from Aliens,

Hey, maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!

When Democrats lose battles against Republicans, citizens suffer the consequences. It's not an academic exercise or a valuable learning experience, it has real-world consequences. So please don't expect me to embrace the idea that having another Republican idiot in the White House would somehow be productive in the long-run. Millions are falling through the ragged safety net even as we speak, but it could get worse. Much worse.

Obama is no Democrat

...not that the party label has much meaning left.

I think this is a great illustration of what this thread (party leadership) should be about.

Gearing up to support a White House that continually throws citizens -- not to mention their own House members -- under the bus OR doing something to elect people who will actually work for change.


will you please stop with this nonsense

Multiple posters have posted lists and links to lists of the accomplishments of the last 2 years that help real people. such this recent accomplishment.
Just because your #1 concern isn't getting the attention you want doesn't mean that nothing is getting done.
Sorry to break it to you, but it ain't ALL about you.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Very cool site, Zabouti

Thank you for the link!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

No, I will not stop exposing the lowering of the bar

We're supposed to celebrate a Child Nutrition bill?

Two years into historic majorities, and I'm supposed to jump for joy over a Child Nutrition bill that's been paid for by robbing other needed funding?


I've posted numerous times about judicial nominations and economic policy and LGBT issues., so you'll have to be more specific about what you assume to be my #1 concern.

Do you even grasp how much the bar has been lowered for success -- particularly with historic majorities at our fingertips?

That is the grand failure of the past two years.


So how was I to know you

don't give a rat's @$$ about children. I suppose you didn't check the link in Zabouti's comment. All three of your concerns are addressed.

It really gets old seeing you repeat this same old BS and having to take the time to refute it. Or do you have a long term memory problem? 'cuz we've been down this road before. Myself and others have posted lists of achievements several times before which you choose to ignore.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

You do have some valid points

and I agree that reviewing the the platform/core values might be in line. However, I believe you have expressed opposition to not only Parker, but to Carter (should he decide to get involved) as well in another discussion elsewhere on this site.

What person or people then would you be interested in seeing go for the NC Dem Party Chair position?

Not opposed to Parker, I said I want to hear more

A better, more refined pitch.

I said he focused on political personalities rather than values or even policies.

I'm still open to more pitches from Parker.

It's fair to characterize my comments on the other thread as opposition to Carter. However, I also suggested using his skill set where more appropriate -- not in a leadership or policy/strategy position.

I'm very much open to a place for both of these folks, perhaps even Parker in leadership. I just want to hear more from him -- or better yet, more examples of what he will fight for, rather than what politician he will fight for.


Point taken

Sorry if I misread what you were saying (I figured w/ them both being Shuler supporters and all)

Who out of Parker, Carter, or other potential candidates do view as more progressive and having more spine?

An idea...

As a member of the Executive Council of the North State Democratic Party, I'll throw out this idea:

If we (the Executive Council/SEC) do it the same way we've done before, we will approve the party's budget at the SEC meeting where we elect officers. As most know (or perhaps they don't!), the majority of the Executive Council is comprised of the District Chairs. So, as one lowly DNC member, I just throw this idea out for the majority and others to consider/debate...

I would be open to paying a salary to the state chair. Why? For one, it would open up the gates to those candidates who have pragmatic considerations (how much does it cost to "volunteer" for this job?). Also, as much as we wish life didn't work this way, when you are getting paid for something, you tend to want to focus more on that work versus doing "free work." The state chair currently has a "traveling budget," but a part-time salary (and I don't have any particular number in mind, but a part-time amount, certainly) would encourage the individual even more to travel the width and breadth of our state's Democratic places.

As we think about candidates for state chair, it also allows an opportunity to think about our party organization and how we do things. We don't need to change everything...it would be an overreaction to this year's election. I assure you the GOP did not do a radical makeover in 2008, and see where that lead them in 2010. But, nevertheless, there are always improvements to be made.

This is just my one suggestion, and it may not be a good one. But I just thought it would be one idea to ensure we have a diverse selection of candidates for state party chair.

I support this Phillip!

As an SEC member, I will vote for this proposal if it comes up.

The volunteer job means that our party will almost always be lead by patricians.

My Two Cents

I like where this David is going on organization. What is always frustrated me is the sometimes you have the state chair doing one thing, the county chair doing another, and each precinct going their own way as well.

If I were running as state chair, I would set the following goals:

-ensure that every precinct in every county in the state is active and meeting on a regular basis

-foster communication between precinct chairs, county chairs, and the state chair, which would include a monthly conference call where all chairs MUST participate

-ensure that every precinct chair has access to and understands the state charter and abides by it

-have regional meetings of county chairs to discuss ideas and resolve issues

-establish community outreach programs to grow precincts and award precincts and counties who meet growth goals

-establish outreach programs to persuade Independent voters without compromising core Democratic principles

-ensure that every university and community college in the state has a College Democrats chapter

-utilize technology to ensure that every precinct and county has a website, Twitter account, and Facebook page

-establish an outreach program to businesses owned or operated by Democrats and/or with a labor presence

-foster relationships with both new and traditional media organizations

North Carolina is a Democratic state. If we turn out our base, we win. But we must have a constant presence. We cannot continue to pitch a tent in September and take it down in November.

GOTV is every second of every day. If we ain't moving forward we are moving backward. If one precinct is humming along, let some of those guys head to another precinct that may have just three people sitting alone in a cafeteria.

People need to be knocking on doors in February, phone banking in March, blogging and writing letters in April.

Activate. Mobilize. Win.

That's my two cents.

Someone better than Young...

I don't keep up with inner-party politics as much as I once did while in college. But, I will say that my experience with the NCDP under Jerry Meek was phenomenal. He was responsive and open to communication, returned phone calls and emails. David Young has not ever once returned my email or phone call when I attempted to reach out to him for stories at QNotes, the LGBT newspaper based down in Charlotte. Whoever becomes the next NCDP chair needs to be more open, especially to the LGBT community. I'm not asking for a 100% focus on our issues. I know that isn't possible. But a little communication is at least in order, especially to such a key (and loyal) Democratic constituency.