The Dark Side of Yard Sales (political cartoon)

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I have been blogging about women's rights some this week and I wanted to highlight another issue that is alive and well in America TODAY - human slavery. But instead of going down to the town square to buy a house slave for domestic work or a field slave to toil in the hot summer sun, now you go down to the local brothel and rape a slave.

There is an educational and repulsive article that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle titled Diary of a Sex Slave that is a must read.

Navigating past the junkies and hustlers in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, You Mi Kim found the metal security door she was looking for, and pressed the buzzer.

Inside Sun Spa massage parlor, the manager saw You Mi on the surveillance camera and threw some sea salt over the threshold -- a Korean practice to ward off bad luck.

It was July 2003. It had been five months since You Mi was lured from her home in South Korea by international sex traffickers, who had tricked the debt-ridden college student with promises of a high-paying hostess job in America.

This should be one of the lessons of Black History Month - slavery hasn't gone away.

Sadly, Bush's border policy has allowed a boom in human trafficking here in the United States with no let up in sight.