Dans State of the Union Adress

I guess we could call this, Dan’s State of the Union address for 2006. It would seem that President Bush is currently having problems with what they refer to as “Peace Democrats”! However, these so called problems are not as unique as many folks think. When Lincoln was President he had even more problems out of Democrats in that his administration’s treatment of “disloyal” people and practices was often carried beyond today’s rest rants of civil justice. The old Anglo-Saxon concept of the “rule of Law”,
The idea that government itself is under the law and “MUST NOT” be arbitrary was certainly under siege.

The Lincoln Administration used the concept of “Military Necessity” to extend the limits of Government restraint. Martial Law is not recognized in the constitutional framework of the United States and Congress does not have the power to govern the Armies; or so I thought! The Bush Administration has Been severely criticized for not aggressively defending it’s policies, however some claim that speeches Made by old “AWOL– George” and “Old 5 college Deferments Cheney “ have finally brought forth a stronger defense.

However, where the Bush Administration has relied mainly upon the “Patriot Act & Homeland Security” as their right to pry into our homes and privacy, Lincoln took a much more active course to curb dissent and one which led to widespread criticism; He suspended the “Habeas Corpus”
Privilege and resorted to summary arrest by executive authority and the judiciary. Actions much more than the Patriot Act. However at this time I think it would be a safe assumption to say Bush is facing the
Same problems the Lincoln administration did except on a much lager scale.

So, now we see the true vision & agenda of the Republican Party at work - a world wide network of tapped phone calls and radio transmissions! If we just so happen to like the cloths you have on, the color of your skin, your lifestyle, what you have for dinner then we will do as Charles Taylor’s banking buddies in Russia with the KGB do. We will show up at your house one night and take you away to a gulag on the Canada border never to be seen or heard from again! That my friend is exactly what it boils down to!

In the case of the stolen data from the VA I was shocked to find out that the Deputy Undersecretary of the VA was fired and not the Level GS-14 employee who had the information. He will probably get a medal. I mean, after all they want 200,000 of us out of the VA System by 08-09! Looks like they are getting a good start do sent it! In the Army, my Military Occupational Specialty was 98-Charlie– Signal Intelligence Specialist. Folks, the Patriot Act didn’t just happen. Believe me when I tell you that we Como operators at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, the 9th Signal Brigade and USASCC & JTRS has been listening to every thing from recordings to amateur radio broadcast since the early 70’s.

Let’s go to the current news Watch Center and see what else we can find.

1. Well after 2 years and an award of $250,000 dollars, Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan still has no head stone on her son’s grave. All right, I have taken all of this I can take, No honor in death. So I right now challenge some vets group there to get The service officer to do the paperwork for a free VA plaque Marker and put it on the grave! No matter how stupid the Mom wants to act the kid was KIA and deserves better & to be honored!

2. Here is what you may not be reading or seeing in the Mainstream Media as they distort the news from Iraq just as they did in Vietnam. A great number of Iraqis are signing up for police & military service even as many are being killed, not in firefights, but in kidnappings and executions.

3. I saw something on the TV earlier where Al-Qaeda wants to move into Haiti!

4. Yale University this week still stands its ground against ROTC.

OK, now. Here is my question of the week for you and I want to see some answers in the comment section and maybe I will find material to do another story. OK, here we go!

Take into account your current knowledge of the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Iran Nuke Problems, along with how our allies presently stand (How France, Germany & the USSR - remember Putin in the USSR is ex KGB-GRU so he may be connected to Taylor - treated us at the onset of Iraq), taking into account all of the KIA from those zones:
What would you tell the President and his Cabinet about our current Military Stance in the World?

Also a Native American Cherokee lady who knows I write for the local paper made this comment to me. That as her grandfather was not given US Citizenship until WWII but freely fought in the Army in WW1 do you feel our folks coming in from south of the border should be required to do a mandatory 2 years of Military Service to get citizenship? I am looking very much forward to your comments!