Dan Forest won't turn over communications with Greg Lindberg

I'm sure they will "discover" those records on November 4th:

Forest’s latest campaign finance report shows that he has received $6.9 million in donations from individuals and PACs. But the donations from Lindberg mostly went to separate groups. One of them, the Republican Council of State Committee, funded a recent campaign ad featuring Forest and the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson.

The News & Observer requested Forest’s schedule and emails during the period of Lindberg’s political donations, under the state public records law, to find out how frequently they communicated. Sixteen months later, the N&O has not received the records.

Bolding mine, because social media has been littered with right-wing whining and angst about Mandy Cohen not turning over reams of pandemic data so those plague rats can misquote it, but we're just now finding out that Dandy has been concealing potential campaign finance shenanigans for 16 months? We're talking millions of dollars he received from a convicted felon, who not only tried to bribe government officials but also likely defrauded insurance customers and fellow investors. And Dan Forest appears to have been involved in the bribery scheme, too:

Steven Walker, the lieutenant governor’s chief of staff and general counsel, told the N&O via email this week that he is still working on it among several other records requests. In March, after a similar response, the N&O also requested the office’s list of public records requests. The office hasn’t turned that over either.

Lindberg hosted a fundraiser for Forest in August 2017, and Forest attended an event at Lindberg’s company in September 2017.

Forest’s chief of staff contacted Causey’s office in August 2017, seeking a meeting between Lindberg and Causey, according to records from the Department of Insurance. Lindberg and Causey ended up meeting in November, according to indictments, The News & Observer previously reported.

I keep hearing "correlation doesn't equal causation," and I get that. But I also follow Gibbs Rule #39: There's no such thing as a coincidence.




this is all likely to be a simple prosecution after Nov. 4th too. The new Lt. Gov. will release the archived emails, Dandy will be indicted, and we'll all get to share in the schadenfreude as he and the other NCGOP grifters get the reward they so richly deserve (a jail cell.)