Dan Forest claims he built his political career on positive ground

For a guy who has done basically nothing his whole career, Dan Forest sure does like to talk about himself. Just yesterday he was chatting with his own private PR machine to extol his own virtues as a man who's built his political career on positive ground. Let's break it down.

The first thing to notice is Forest's use of the term "political career." I guess we can all agree to accept him at his word: he's a career politician. Who knew?

Now that that's settled ...

Notice how Forest conveniently disowns the lap of luxury he was born into. His family is part of the Amway cult, whose soft money propelled his mother, Sue Myrick, onto the national stage. That cult status comes with a boatload of baggage:

That Forest is almost certainly the most conservative Lt. Governor in decades and quite likely the most conservative statewide elected official in North Carolina, period, seems little in doubt. Whether he’s keeping his own children out of the public schools to be “home schooled,” championing controversial anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy clinics” or opposing the very existence of the minimum wage, Forest appears to be in step with the most extreme wing of the state’s Tea Party movement on just about every issue.

Forest also gives himself ample credit for being a Christian. If he manages to squirm his way into the governor's mansion, you can be sure he'll serve only those people who support his zealot's agenda. Next month, for example, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will be the special guest at The American Renewal Project’s “North Carolina Renewal Project” event in Charlotte. The roster of speakers for the private conservative Christian event includes:

    A pastor who calls the notion of a separation between church and state “cowardice” and those in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality “militant homofascists” bent on turning the U.S. into Sodom.

      An author who has railed against Muslims as would-be conquerors and rapists and LGBTQ rights as a first step to America living under Sharia law.

        A pastor and Republican politician who has asserted anyone not committed to the U.S. as an explicitly Judeo-Christian nation should leave.

        And don't forget Forest's man-crush on the Lyin' Pussy Grabber in the White House. It's impossible to square Forest's religious zealotry with his embrace of an unrepentant pervert, a pervert who recently said, "I don't like to ask forgiveness." Wow.

        Finally, for today, just consider what Dan Forest actually does for a living right now. He spends his time doing photo ops with his vanity press ... while you and I pay the freight. Oh, I almost forgot. He also bangs a big gavel to call the NC Senate to order. Only problem is, he ALWAYS bangs it late. Last Thursday, the Senate was supposed to be in session at 9:00. I was in the gallery, and it was almost 9:20 when he finally did his duty. Your tax dollars at work. (You might think it's a small thing ... this kind of chronic tardiness ... but from my experience in business is a sign of laziness and arrogance.)

        If you want to keep up with Dan, go see his Facebook page. Hold your nose and "like" it so you can share your own comments about his non-stop campaign to bring NC back to the dark ages. They don't call him Taliban Dan for nothing.