Dan Forest and the post-truth coalition

Orwell would be impressed:

Truth and Prosperity is now Dogwood Coalition, and at least one ad attacking Gov. Roy Cooper is running in North Carolina with the new disclaimer: Paid for by Dogwood Coalition.

William Gupton, Truth and Prosperity's treasurer as of its last required state filing in July, said in an email Wednesday that this will be "a new organization with new individuals involved and with a different mission." Dogwood Coalition won't simply be an independent expenditure committee, but "will be involved in activities that do not involve express advocacy to support or oppose candidates." Gupton did not elaborate.

Bolding mine, because lying through your teeth seems to be a (really) popular activity by Republicans these days. At least they took the word "Truth" out of their name, but they didn't do it as an admission of a prevaricative nature, they did it to distance themselves (and Dandy) from convicted felon Greg Lindberg. But that connection runs too deep for a simple name-change to wash him clean:

The group supports Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, the Republican looking the unseat Cooper this year. By law, Forest and the group aren't allowed to coordinate on spending, but Forest has coordinated with the group on fundraising, taking credit in early 2018 for its fundraising haul.

He did not mention at the time that the $1 million raised came Greg Lindberg, who also gave $1.4 million that cycle to another pro-Forest vehicle, the Republican Council of State Committee.

Lindberg was indicted in March 2019 and accused along with several others of trying to bribe state Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, offering millions in campaign donations in return for a lighter regulatory touch on insurance companies Lindberg owns. Causey, though, was working with the FBI and recorded their conversations.

And of course none of that $2.4 million was ever returned, and nobody seems to give a shit that funds from a criminal enterprise have been used against Governor Cooper in this election.

Dan Forest doesn't have an ethical bone in his body.