Damned if you don't

Resign, Mr. Burr

Richard Burr's latest transgression has me thinking about the two ways to remove a senator: (1) resignation, and (2) expulsion by the Senate. Either or neither could happen.

Is it a good thing to try to oust Burr now? From a political perspective, I'm not sure. The replacement process would be wicked, with the deck stacked in favor of Republicans.

From a moral perspective? Absolutely.

This is about America, not just North Carolina. As a country and as a state, we cannot tolerate this kind of craven behavior.

Burr should step down or be expelled, no matter what it means politically.



Backstory on Burr

In the 2008 financial crisis, Burr got an intelligence briefing and immediately told his wife to get all the cash she could from the bank. Not a word to the public.

This year, he did the same thing. He told private donors one thing and everyone else something different. "The sky is falling" vs. "Don't worry, be happy."

The fact that also benefited personally (financially) almost doesn't matter. He wasn't watching out for everyone equally.