Culture of Racism: Wake Forest faculty get barrage of hateful e-mails


White Supremacy rears its ugly head once again:

The Wake Forest Review, an independent newspaper at Wake Forest, reported Tuesday night that the sociology department wrote that the emails “praised the white male founding fathers, dismissed our undergraduates with ugly vile language, and called for our land to be ‘purged’ of people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The department continued, “The call to ‘purge’ categories of persons, is a white supremacist call for genocide,” the Wake Forest Review reported. The sociology department wrote in its response to the emails: “We live in a society plagued by racism, sexism, and gun violence. We will do all we can to carry forward our scholarship, teaching, and our public engagement for social justice.”

But as usual in cases like this, the administration has deemed there was no "explicit" threat, so there likely won't be any call for a criminal investigation. Nevermind the fact the UNC Charlotte shooter is taking a plea deal to avoid the Death Penalty for his deadly actions, we're still splitting hairs over "implicit vs. explicit" threats. Somebody (SBI or FBI) needs to track down the sender of these e-mails and make a real determination of that threat. Because these folks are downright scared:

Alberto Bufalino, the editor-in-chief of the Wake Forest Review, said that the emails are threatening the campus community.

“Many are worrisome, given the targeted nature of these emails towards specific faculty members and departments on our campus,” said Bufalino, a sophomore.

“The faculty are afraid, as this was a clear attack of intimidation targeted at several offices and individuals that work to make students feel more at home on campus,” Bufalino said in an email. “All students are concerned regarding these emails, any attack on our school community is an attack on all of us and the principles that the university is built on.”

I sincerely hope this is just a cowardly right-wing troll getting his willies off. But frankly, this isn't 2009 anymore. These guys have been given a glorious mandate from the worst President to ever hold that title, and we can't assume anything.



There had to be a reason ...

... for the perpetrator to target faculty in this department with threats.

It could be that one of the faculty members was mentioned for some research they've done or an interview they did that popped up on some extremist right-wing website.

This kind of intimidation goes all the way back to the 1990s, when academics or departments would get anonymous threats when Rush Limbaugh would be outraged over something coming out of academia. Now, as these extremists have turned violent, the threats need to be taken much more seriously.

And, yes, the police could track this down. Even if the person used a "burner" email account, the account provider could provide information on IP addresses that would narrow it down, perhaps to a specific home or business location.