Crisis, what crisis?

Spent a good deal of time looking at solar and wind for the house after a friend alerted me to the fact that even Costco is selling the stuff.
Look, before we decide that turning over the east coast to the oil companies is the only way to save our gas guzzlin ways, maybe we oughta read up a little on the future of energy.
It's pretty clear that microgeneration is one way out of this. The formula to see if you're location is prime for wind power, for instance, is based on a kind of 11/11 rule — 11 miles per hour wind speed average and 11 cents or more per kilowatt hour. But that's going to change a lot when you factor in plug-in electric and hybrid cars and $5-7 a gallon gas.
If I could power my house and my car (and maybe sell some power back to the electric company when the wind is good) the whole equation changes.


I'm convinced micro-generation is the wave of the future.

Nano-Tech in California (privately owned) has developed a thin film solar cell that will supposedly cut the cost of installing solar by at least half and probably more. There are other efforts underway including a paint that will also generate electricity. Right now it's pretty expensive to install wind or solar with any hope of payback in some reasonable period. But, things are changing.

Stan Bozarth

I am looking at buying a house and one of my

considerations is that the house should face south with a roof that could accept solar panels/water heaters. I think I've found it.

Wind is tough for NC except for the coast and mountains. Google "wind map" for more details. I have researched wind turbines and found one that could turn at wind speeds as low as 5-7 mph.

I hope to go solar in a few years.

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I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?