CQ Politics puts Liddy among the GOP's 6 Most Vulnerable in '08

Liddy is in some pretty weak company. Now if she just had an opponent...


Ratings Chart: 2008 Senate Races

CQPolitics.com’s first roundup of the 2008 Senate races — with earliest-ever Election Forecaster ratings by the CQPolitics staff — is based on this increasingly irrefutable principle: the concept of the “off-election” year is now an anachronism for Senate incumbents and candidates.

Republican Seats (21)

No Clear Favorite

Colorado (Wayne Allard, retiring)

Leans Republican

Maine (Susan Collins)

Minnesota (Norm Coleman)

New Hampshire (John E. Sununu)

North Carolina (Elizabeth Dole)

Oregon (Gordon H. Smith)


National Rankings

As Matt Stoller said yesterday, national rankings can become a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy as it helps determine who enters the race and how it is funded. But it is good that that dynamic is working in our favor; no matter how much we may dislike the stream, it is always easier to go with it than against it.

Once upon a time

I asked a couple of long-time DC insiders whether Dole would run again. They were split . . . one said for sure, one said probably not.

I then asked what we should do to influence things. They were not split at all: They said somebody (I take that to mean BlueNC) should spend the next 18 months shining the bright light of truth on Dole's performance.

That's my plan because I believe she will wilt under than scrutiny. And whether she runs or not, she will be weakened and defensive. And lord knows, she has a lot to be defensive about.

Its been a bad month

For her.
New Democratic Congress...
PPP Poll...
This list...
Escalation strategy gets no support but she has to stay on the presidents side...

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"