Count Chocula wows NC GOP delegates

And all it took was a few strategically-placed uses of the word "abolish."

During the Texas senator's speech, he discussed wanting to reignite America's promise and he says that can be done by abolishing the IRS, Common Core and the Affordable Care Act. “There are about 90,000 employees at the IRS. We need to padlock that building and take everyone of them and put them on our Southern border,” he said.

Sen. Cruz also compared his campaign to President Ronald Reagan's in 1980 and said it will take a grassroots campaign to win.

If by "grassroots campaign" you mean uncovering every rock that hides a bat-shit crazy voter, then yes. That's what it will take. I can guarantee you one thing: If Cruz does happen to pull this whole Presidential thing off, within two years most Americans will be ready to close our Northern border for good.