This could be a Deep Subject , Maybe Southern Dem Knows..

I was just sitting here noticeing all the new names I see here at the site these days. If I have by-passed saying Welcome to anyone new to the site then consider this a offical "Welcome" from me!

Southern Dem, Maybe you will know better than the rest of us, But I am just courious as to how many of the actual Districts , Federal & State whe have a member in and how many of our counties are represented here. Me, Screwy & Syntax are from the 11 Congressional but our State Districts are different and I am way out here in Graham County while they are in Buncombe County.


Our Readership

I have not checked too lately, but we have readers from all overthe wordl, but obviously due to the content the majority are in North Carolina. Of those in North Carolina, a plurality are clustered around the Triangle with the Triad and Charlotte area being close behind. From there, the readership is scattered around the state with the mountains probably pulling more than their fair share. So the readership distribution follows the population pretty closely.

As for contributors though, I could not tell you. But there is a fairly wide distribution across the state.

Moore County Here

Most of Moore County is in the 52nd House District - the one Richard Morgan is leaving. The upper part of Moore, including Cameron and part of Carthage (the county seat) is the 54th House District - Joe Hackney.

Our Senate District is the 22nd represented by Harris Blake

Our Congressional District is the 6th - Howard Coble

Here is a link to the Moore County Government website: