Copy of Citizen Journalist Forum - 1st CD

Ok, Ok, so...I'm in over my head and I need some help. I'll admit it. I started a project, or at least started organizing a project that will take many researchers and writers pitching in to bring to fruition.

I would like for us to interview and headline each Democrat running for statewide office and national office. There are so many, I felt if we organized by Congressional district first and then NC senate district we could pull it off.

Please, please, please follow over the fold...

Why organize by congressional district? Most CDs cover areas that face the same issues. There are some NC state senators and representatives that don't fit perfectly in a particular CD, so we will put them in the CD or senate district where most of their constituency live. At least we will try.

The plan is that we will send out questionnaires to each candidate with a deadline for its return. You may sign up to interview or work with any candidate you choose. As a group we will develop the questionnaire and help compose an introductory email.

Beginning August 1, we will begin with a headline article on G.K. Butterfield who is running unopposed in the 1st CD. Each day after that we will headline posts on one NC state senator and his corresponding state house reps. One senator per weekday with 2-3(maybe more) reps.

This will allow us to cover every single Democratic candidate with one week remaining before election day to recap the races. Because this would be a daily event and each district would have several days of coverage, I don't think we need to sticky the posts at the top for any period. There will be a lot of important news coming out.

We will invite these candidates and their supporters to come by and blog with us. We will send out press releases as each district is highlighted. We will contact each county party to let them know that we are covering their area so they can put the word out to local supporters. Hopefully, these supporters will bring in news, events and issues from their district and we will learn more than any poll could ever tell us.

Some districts will be more active since they already have some exposure here at BlueNC. That's to be expected. I decided to start with the first district and to go in numerical order. The main reason is it satisfied my need for order and it just made sense. If you think we should switch the order around, that's fine. I simply felt that there would be shared issues by certain districts that are side-by-side, like the first and second CDs.

We need to have questionnaires for US Reps, NC Sens and NC Reps. We need to have them by Sunday. Those for this first group will need to go out Monday in order to get them back in time for publication. If for some reason we don't get one back, we can still do a brief introduction of the candidate from information found on the web. We will not leave anyone out simply b/c they didn't respond. If their questionnaire comes back late we can print it on the following weekend or anywhere that it fits in.

Ambitious? Yup. Not enough time to prepare? Probably. Can we do it? Of course, we can.

Our first assignment..............

Day 1 (Anglico)
NC-01 G.K. Butterfield, Democrat running unopposed.
Counties and partial counties: Gates, Craven, Jones, Chowan, Granville, Vance, Warren, Northampton, Halifax, Hertford, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Bertie, Martin, Washington, Edgecomb, Greene, Wilson, Beaufort, Lenoir, Nash, Pitt, Wayne

Day 2
NC Senate, District 4 (Southern Dem)
Dem. Robert Lee Holloman (i) v. Rep. Ken Chandler
Counties and partial counties: Gates, Chowan, Northamption, Halifax, Hertford, Perquimans, Bertie

NC State House, District 5 (Southern Dem)
Dem. Howard J. Hunter (i) v. Rep. Kyle Jones
Counties and partial counties: Bertie, Gates, Herford, Perquimans

NC State House, District 2 (Southern Dem)
Dem. Timothy L. Spear (i) v. Rep. Daniel M. Beall
Counties and partial counties: Chowan, Washington, Dare, Hyde

Day 3
North Carolina Senate, District 6 (Thomas Brock)
Dem. Carolyn Pittman-Dorsey v. Rep. Harry Brown (i)
Counties or partial counties: Jones, Onslow

North Carolina House, District 13 OPEN (Southern Dem)
Dem. G. Malcolm Fulcher, Jr. v. Rep. Patricia McElratt
Counties or partial counties: Jones, Carteret

Day 4
North Carolina Senate, District 7 (Leslie H)
Dem. Doug Berger (i) v. Rep. Chuck Stires
Counties or partial counties: Granville, Vance, Warren

North Carolina House, District 32 (Leslie H)
Dem. Jim Crawford (i) - Unopposed
Counties or partial counties: Granville, Vance

North Carolina House, District 27 (Leslie H)
Dem. Michael H. Wray (i) - Unopposed
Counties or partial counties: Vance, Warren, Northampton

Day 5
North Carolina Senate, District 3 (Robert P)
Dem. Clark Jenkins (i) - Unopposed
Counties and partial counties: Martin, Edgecomb, Pitt

North Carolina House, District 24 (Robert P)
Dem. Jean Farmer-Butterfield (i) - Unopposed
Counties and partial counties: Edgecomb, Wilson

North Carolina House, District 8 (Robert P)
Dem. Edith D. Warren (i) - Unopposed
Counties and partial counties: Martin, Pitt

Day 6
North Carolina Senate, District 5 (Southern Dem)
Dem. John H. Kerr, III (i) v. Todd Siebels
Counties and partial counties: Greene, Pitt, Wayne

North Carolina House, District 10 (Southern Dem)
Dem. Van Braxton v. Rep. Willie Ray Starling Starling defeated incumbent LaRoque. Is Starling a Pope puppet?
Counties and partial counties: Greene, Lenoir, Wayne

North Carolina House, District 6 (Southern Dem)
Dem. Arthur Williams (i) v. Rep. Joel Raupe
Counties and partial counties: Beaufort, Pitt

Day 7
North Carolina Senate, District 11 (Momoaizo)
Dem. A. B. Swindell (i) v. Rep. Al Lytton
Counties and partial counties: Wilson, Nash

North Carolina House, District 23 (Momoaizo)
Dem. Joe Tolson (i) v. Rep. Henry Williams, II
Counties and partial counties: Edgecomb, Wilson

North Carolina House, District 25 (Momoaizo)
Dem. Carnell Taylor v. Rep. Bill Daughtredge (i)
Counties and partial counties: Nash

These are all the candidates I can find with a majority of their constituency in the first congressional district. If I missed any, please let me know. I will be adding links to their sites throughout the day. I have some work to do to get ready for our trip to Charleston. I'll have the rest up in a bit.

What do you think?