ConvergeSouth '06

It's North Carolina's blogging and new media convention, and the form for apparently-free registration is here. I went to a local blogger convention last year at UNC Chapel Hill, and it was a fun afternoon. ConvergeSouth looks to be a couple of days of discussion and ideas, and they've set up a damn sexy website. The dates are October 13 and 14.



This is going to be great.

I thought you knew something about this Mr Sun*

But it turns out to be the restaurant.

It's good but pretty expensive. I ate there with Dave Winer a couple of years ago for ConvergeSouth. Pretty entertaining.

When I saw your BlueNC names there, I signed up immediately! I mean, Anglico out in the wild!!?

-- ge

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

I'm in.

I hope you don't mind that I signed up with BlueNC as the blog...

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Very great!


Screwy, I, also, am willing to trade places and go to Hawaii so that you can attend. And I'm one of the hosts.

It's not just apparently free, it's actually free.

Friday night is barbecue and music -- the actual program is on Saturday.

See y'all there. Er, here.

Just reading the DNC KA blog

and the main subject of conversation is the "alleged" terrorist capture in England.

SandyH, a very wise woman, had this comment:

Why couldn't a terrorist just open up an emergency door and kill all on board? Al Queda always goes for the simple attack.

Why would they be monkeying around with an elaborate chemistry lab experiment in the air...while a plane load of people (who are now in the wise to how these things work) sat and watched them?

A very good point. Also, the point has been made, that every time the Republicans feel that America is not focusing on them enough OR that America is focusing too much on their FAILED policies, all of a sudden there are "terrorist alerts" or a message from the other big Republican supporter/enabler - Bin Laden!

You can't open those doors

Unless the cabin is depressurized.  Doing so in-flight would be pretty much impossible.

Just because the Republicans are paranoid doesn't mean that

the terrorists aren't after us.

BushCo has a simplistic and self-serving view of world politics, especially when it comes to forces that employ terrorism. We should do whatever we can to put someone in power who can do a better job of protecting us from terrorism and easing the conditions that lead to terrorism. In fact, I think that one of the Democrats strong points (that is currently being undersold) is that we do have that better understanding, and that we will do a better job of making the world safer.

But the fact that the current government is doing a shitty job managing the battle against extremism doesn't mean that there are no extremists. In the absence of evidence showing that the plane bombing plot (or any plot to injure Americans, for that matter) isn't real, we do ourselves and our whole argument a disservice by minimizing the threat that we face.

We want Bush and the Republican Congress out because of the crappy job they've done at identifying and prosecuting those who endanger America, not because there isn't any threat out there.

On another note, has this Bush administration given us even one week of Green Alert days? Why the hell did they even invent a scale with green or blue on it if they can't get us down below Yellow? What a bunchy of maroons.

Good point Lance,

But with them constantly calling "wolf", how does the public know when to trust them any more?

btw, good pun....bunch of maroons....good color for them!

Until we take back the government

The Republicans are still in charge of keeping us safe. Even if they're abusing the leeway that comes with that responsibility, we can't afford to not let them have it. We can focus on applying all possible scrutiny, but we should be worried about getting the government back with all reasonable haste.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell

Immediate reaction from Washington? "Must be an al-Qa'ida plot!" (The British have been more circumspect, but I'm sure that won't last.)

Contrived super-enemies ("Must be al-Qa'ida!") and clumsy theater do not make for sound and effective policy.  They play great in an election year, but they don't make us any safer, just like the spectacular (as in spectacle) killing of Zarqawi did little or nothing to end the fighting in Iraq.

The public has absolutely no reason to trust the current government, and absolutely no reason to feel safe. The "War on Terror" isn't policy, it's a product, marketed and sold, with all the real-world significance of a box of crackers (Perhaps Fruit Loops is a more apt metaphor, given the color coding of the alert system!)

The Dems should be howling bloody murder about "Homeland Security," because the only thing that's saved us up to this point is the commensurate love of spectacle displayed by our bastard progeny, "the terrorists."  Sooner or later, they'll figure that out and blow up some dams in the Southwest or something.

I couldn't agree with you more, Lance.  


not to ... umm... toot my own horn and blog too much, but I've been saying that for a while...

Go back and think about the last three elections...Remember all the 'terror alerts' leading up to November?

Who wants to bet dinner that the same thing will happen this year?

Thomas S. Brock


What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?

Thomas Brock,

You are a very wise man!

I am so glad I found this blog, wish more fat and lazy citizens would get off the couch and take a long hard look at this admin and the Republican party.

Where to stay?

I'm thinking of dragging my wife along for the hotel part, anyone have any suggestions on where we should stay Friday night? Let's all stay together and rage, rage against the starboard wind that blows upon our ship of state.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Crap. Stay.

I've spent many a night in the Marriott downtown, and didn't hate it. They have free apples at the front desk. Actually, now that I think about it, my wife was working in G'boro for a while before we moved to Mebane and the Firm put her up in that hotel. The desk folks quickly learned her name and treated her right nice. I think I'll stay there.

ConvergeSouth stuff

I just saw this post and thought I'd update everyone.

1. If the restaurant you want is filled up, let me know and I'll extend the reservations.

2. This is not the same place you went with Dave Winer; that was Undercurrent. And yes, it's expensive. Ganache is more moderately priced (we learned our lesson).

3. If you want a room at NC A&T for a sort of caucus or get-together, please let me know as soon as possible. A&T is bending over backwards for us and I don't want to do any last-minute stuff to them.

4. We have no deal with hotels. Downtown is the best choice and the Marriott is there and so is the Downtown Biltmore (where we stayed last year). Both have wireless. They're both walking distance from all the restaurants. We will put together carpools to A&T on Saturday if need a ride.

5. My email is "admin-at-convergesouth-dot-com" and please use it if you need anything.

I'm glad to see a bunch of easterners are coming to ConvergeSouth. Let me know if we can help.

Wow, Sue!

Thanks! Kind of nice being welcomed. You've obviously given this way more thought than we have. :)

I'll ask Sue.