Control of NC courts

In an attempt to further gerrymander elections for our Court of Appeals, SB 667 has suddenly appeared.

Candidates registered with political parties that reflect at least five percent (5%) of statewide voter registration, according to the most recent statistical report published by the State Board of Elections, in alphabetical order by party beginning with the party whose nominee for Governor received the most votes in the most recent gubernatorial election and in alphabetical order within the party.

This will result in all Republican candidates for the position being listed ahead of any Democratic candidates. The list of candidates will be alphabetical by party. With the party of the winner of the last gubernatorial election listed first.

Can they try any harder to control our court system?

If Americans cannot trust their court system, nothing is left.



Sue immediately

This kind of bullshit cannot be allowed to stand. It's just like the retention election that was struck down.

Evil fucking bastards.

SB667 Passed, On its way to McCrory

This is an elections catch-all bill that passed 30-13 in the Senate and 73-40 in the House. Here's a link to the bill:

Among other things,

  • it states that the Attorney General shall represent the State in any case regarding the constitutionality of an act of the General Assembly. I guess they are mad at Roy Cooper.
  • The funky reordering of the ballot order of candidates for the NC Court of Appeals because as always, the GOP needs to cheat to win.
  • Switching municipal elections to even numbered years starting in 2020.
  • Special rules about the wording on the ballot of constitutional amendments (the ridiculous ones passed by the Senate have died due to House inaction).
  • Some general stuff about preparing for the 2020 Census that I suspect is meant to give the GOP some sort of advantage such as being able to gerrymander even better next time.
  • Elimination of the right of local boards of elections to set precinct boundaries, with all precinct changes having to be approved by the executive director of the State Board of Elections.
  • New standards for precinct boundaries and reporting voting data by precinct.