Constitutional crisis: 5 of 6 GOP Amendments dangerously ambiguous

The phrase "Pig in a poke" actually dates back to mid-16th Century:

6 – number of proposed constitutional amendments placed on the November ballot by GOP legislative majorities during the final five days of the 2018 legislative session.

5 – of the six amendments passed by lawmakers in 2018, the number that lack implementing language that would allow voters to know precisely what they are voting on (the sixth – which simply lowers the cap on the state income tax requires no such language) (Gerry Cohen, Director of Legislative Drafting at the General Assembly for 30 years in an interview last week with Policy Watch reporter Joe Killian).

The reason I threw that little historical reference in there is because even before our nation was born, and even before Oliver Cromwell rose up against the Crown, people were smart enough to avoid being deceived by somebody selling them a mysterious bag of goods. But apparently rank and file Republicans in the General Assembly aren't that smart, or they simply don't care if the NC Constitution is used and abused for partisan reasons. No x 6.



And the one that is not ambiguous

is dangerous for it's own reasons. Imagine our state facing a horrific crisis ... a few hurricanes back to back ... and a federal government with zero interest in the common welfare. How would we pay to get back on our feet? People dying and starving in flooded areas, without power for weeks or months, how would we pay to help? We wouldn't. Our general assembly would be waiting for at least a year before there could be a vote by the public to rescind the cap.

All of the amendments are dangerous. The each chip away at the constitution for no reason whatsoever.