-- contact House Speaker Joe Hackney about House Bill 901, A BILL THAT PROPOSES THAT WE VOTE to amend the constitution to assert that Health care is a right for all North Carolinians.

This bill is stuck in the rules committee and Joe Hackney has the power to move it into the Policy committee. He might do it if there is public outcry. there are 37 cosponsors and 80 endorsing organizations.. then it would be put on the November 8th ballot.

A state constitutional amendment to vote on would stimulate healthy debate. It is time. There is going to be thinking going on with the viewing of Sicko,
-- there will be plenty of information for people to chew on. It seems like everyone has a family member or friend who is going bankrupt paying their medical bills..

Verla Insko, the bill's sponsor for several legislative years, has the idea that we can all agree on the concept of health care for all...
----, and we have a hard time agreeing on the implementation--

so why not get the concept passed, and then be assured that the state citizens are behind getting a plan.

I urge you to contact House Speaker Joe Hackney and express your support for a state House Bill 901. A simple email to or a call: 919-733-3451 saying you support this bill is enough to make a difference. He needs to know there are people who support it before he can act.

Please copy your legislator when you write to Joe. And one should sign email with your address when writing representatives.

To find your legislator: and type your zip code under"who represents me?" on the bottom right side of the screen. Verla Insko is at



You have no idea how nice it is to turn on BlueNC and see someone else posting about Universal Health Care.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Those to thank

Primary: Insko; Coleman; Harrison; J. Harrell;

Co: Alexander; Allen; Bell; Bordsen; Bryant; Carney; Church; Cunningham; Dickson; Earle; Faison; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Glazier; Goodwin; Hall; Jeffus; Jones; Luebke; Martin; McAllister; McLawhorn; Mobley; Parmon; Pierce; Tarleton; Underhill; Wainwright; Weiss; Wilkins; Williams; Womble; Wray; Wright;

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Write to Speaker Hackney

So I wrote to 100 people in my address book and within two minutes two folks had written, not that impressive, but very very encouraging. By lunchtime today there were 25 people who had let me know they did it. I figure some more wont read email until tonight.

Anyway just to remind right now.

IF you believe we should consider a constitutional amendment on the right to healthcare....let Mr. Hackney know:

It does not mean that we will accomplish this in one way...or another. The decisions about HOW to accomplish this will follow, once an amendment passes.

The brilliance of this is that we are never going to make change if we have to agree ahead of time on how to do it. The REal issue we believe that only some North Carolinians should have health care or do we think All should? that is the amendment we are looking for?

so call or write mr. Hackney and state that you want us to get to vote on the right to healthcare. support HB 901


Health Care for everyone or just some people.

Do you believe that only some people should have health care?

should anyone who has a broken leg get it mended?

IF someone innocently gets shot, should the doctor only treat them if they have insurance?

Should only rich people get treated for cancer?

I believe a constittuional amendment would pass.