Considering unaffiliating myself from NC Democratic Party

It's been more than a week since the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina issued a statement and a letter to NCDP Chairman David Young asking him to champion a very reasonable request to clean up North Carolina fund raising.

Here's an audio clip of his response:

The only other blip on the radar was a small mention in a Winston Salem Journal op-ed of what NCDP Executive Director Andrew Whalen told The Insider (by 949.00 a yr subscription only) what he thought about PDNC's effort:

After telling The Insider newsletter that the party already supports some of the suggested reforms, he added, "While we welcome and respect the opinions and constructive input of this organization, it is important to note that they are not affiliated with the North Carolina Democratic Party."

So that's it, if we're already considered not affiliated with the party, not worth taking the time to address PDNC directly, or take seriously the reforms that may be able to save the party, I might as well make it official and ask a few thousand of my friends to do the same. After all, I have no interest in belonging to a top-down, good-old boy's club.


It is important to note that they are not affiliated


Not affiliated = irrelevant, unworthy of even common courtesy

How many posts have we seen from representatives of the North Carolina party here at BlueNC in the past six months? The answer would be approximately zero. Not that I blame them. North Carolina Democratic power-brokers have no interest in or need for progressives. I doubt they even care about the three hundred thousand plus dollars I personally raised for Democrats over the past six years.

Bank of America shows up with $18,000 and Mel Watt carries their agenda all the way to the floor of Congress. Progressives pour their hearts, souls and pocketbooks into elections and they're greeted like lepers with pocketbooks.

There's an upside though. At least they're not even pretending like they care. It's always good to know where you stand.

Too true.

It is always good to know where you stand. It's just hard to swallow sometimes.

I am curious about some thing here ...

A few years ago it looked like the Prog. Dems were trying for official auxillary status with the NCDP. What happened?

Comments like that one from Whalen are just foolish. Leadership seems lacking.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

If the progressive dems were formally affiliated

If the Progressive Dems were formally affiliated with the North Carolina Democratic Party it would be, if I understand correctly, illegal for them to engage in lobbying activity.

Additionally it would, in my humble opinion, be inappropriate for the PDNC to make endorsements in Democratic primaries if they were affiliated.

That said, Andrew Whalen's opinion of the NCDP's grassroots leadership is no secret.

PDNC members, defined broadly, make up over a third of the NCDP's State Executive Committee.

Does this mean "affiliated" now?

The statement you link to contains the phrase "...the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina, an independent organization of party grassroots activists,..."

What is the relationship of the progressive dems to the ncdp??

You say "independent", and they say "unaffiliated", and I feel as if I'm listening to lawyers argue....

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

PDNC was denied the status that the African-American

or Women or Senior Dems have because we do not have the features of a group such as those, as I understand it. The other part as Jerimee said above, we exist in part to endorse Progressive candidates and have a separate PAC to do that.

Beyond all that, we are the heart of the party. Many of the precinct resolutions that make their way into our platform are written by some very progressive folks whether or not they identify directly with PDNC.

Our status should be that of cherished Democratic voters and activists, not like a red-headed stepchild. Most of us are also very much affiliated registered Democrats.

"Progressive" democrats vs. "Liberal" democrats

In my opinion, the democratic party is making a big mistake by separating ourselves into "progressives" and "liberals". It is a bone of contention between us currently and it is counterproductive when it comes to our political capabilities.

Aside from some very weak differences, progressives and liberals are very much the same. We bask in the realization that there are far right conservatives that fight with moderate conservatives within the republican party yet here we are having far more disagreements within our own party than should happen.

Not sure why you think

this has anything to do with progressive vs liberal. Or even how PDNC is affiliated to anything.

The point here is that NC Democratic Party has a mighty pile'o'shit a'la Black, Easley, Ty Harrell, who else did I leave out, to try and run any future elections on. We had better take a strong stance on campaign reform right now or we can kiss our asses donkeys goodbye.

All we are asking is for our leader to take the lead.

Do not take me wrong, loftT

I love the way you put stuff, loftT. :)

I hope you are not taking me wrong here. I read BlueNC every day and even though I do not respond to many things put here, I do try to see what is being said and by who and make every attempt to understand what is going on inside our party structure and within our party faithful. I may be wrong here, but it does seem like there is a bit of a rift between "progressives" and standard democrats (which I choose to call "liberals").

I think that the last thing we need is to have differences. We won big in 2008. But, that was 2008 and like it or not, the mood of the electorate is shifting rapidly away from us. At least, that is in my opinion. I may be all wrong here in seeing a problem between "progressives" and "liberals". But, I do see that situation from where I'm sitting.

My only fear is that we could lose what we have gained. That's all.

I fear the same thing

but the problem is with the leadership, not with each other. Any NC Democrat that follows the news is as fearful as you and I, with good reason. Republicans are going to have a field day unless we do some major housekeeping.

Look, these politicians are tired of the fund raising grind. It's not a big surprise that they lose control of how they keep their coffers full. They have to work at it nonstop to keep running these bloated campaigns. It's obscene how much money gets spent on state races. You have to ask yourself what kind of access it buys a legislator to make it worth spending that kind of money to run for office. The pay is not that great! So, it makes sense to take the bull by the horns and make the changes to how business is done while the climate is ripe. I think most Democrats would agree.

Stay in the Party!

There are a lot of Moderates and Old Time Party Elites that would love to see all the Progressives leave the Party. That would be Foolish.

I have been credicized for being a Progressive and in Lenoir County being a Progressive is a Sin just about to all the Local Elite. But I don't listen to them or report to them. I answer to Nobody. I will stay in the party and continue to Push for Progressive Values. Might Makes Right! Leaving the Party would be the same as admitting defeat. Don't quit!

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

PDNC and the NC Dem. Party

The PDNC had one hell of an opening convention in Greensboro, I believe there were over 400 people there but I think there were some bad decisions made and I don't think it is much of a viable organization.

When the organization was first formed the state party "strongly suggested" the word Democratic was to be in the title for them to get auxiliry status and promised money from the state party. Well, neither of these came true and the process, the PDNC pissed of a whole bunch of progressive unaffiliateds who never darkened the doors again.

The second bad decision was their bull in the china shop mentality when it came to the state legislature. I heard legislators called names in public by the leaders of this organization ie: Sen Dan Clodfelter being refered to as Clodhopper.

It might just their calls of reform a little credence if they went after thier own and condemned their own for ethics violations as hard as they go after others.

Happy Thanksgiving, TrueMeck

I guess I am feeling protective of PDNC. I certainly wouldn't be as active a Democrat without its existence. It's interesting to me to hear from you if you were there at the first convention and witnessed some of the struggles of a new organization. Too bad you gave up on them.

Indulge me a little longer and tell me what ethics violations you are speaking of and tell me please do you support the ideas in the statement PDNC issued?

ethics violations

I was at the first convention and several after that along with several of the meetings that occor before the SEC meetings.

I have even been featured in some of Gene messick's skreeds about the PDNC.

As for the ethic issues I refer to, I feel the PDNC has given Ty Harrell a free pass. I have not heard one peep from any of the PDNC officers.

I support anything that will bring better ethics to government. I will be chair of the Democracy NC board next year and fully expect to help lead the charge.

So many scandals so little time

I admit that Ty Harrell has flown beneath my personal radar but it looks like it may be more of a timing issue than a free pass on the part of PDNC. I don't think you can pin that as an ethics violation on them when the call to clean up corruption is in response to all that the party has had to suffer.

I'm so happy to hear that you will be leading the charge for reform. Real leadership is a precious thing.

so little time?

A NC Legislator resigns because of ethics violations and nobody from the triangle says anything about it? Ty was the darling of the Wake Progressives and there has not been a peep about it.