The CONservative media and its continuous lie

The Media and Neo CONs that run it have been saying that everything the President and his administration have done is Liberal. Well I'm a Liberal and he hasn't done anything that Liberals would consider Liberal.

CONs have done a Great Job of controlling the Message. Thats it. If you look at the Two Big programs the President tried to pass they were no where close to Liberal.

The Stimulus had Huge Amounts of Tax Cuts in it that Liberals didn't like or want in the Bill, the "Buy American" Provision that Liberals wanted was Taken out of the Bill and the overall Bill was not Big Enough and Liberals were upset about that. We warned the Administration that to many provisions in the Stimulus didn't go into affect soon enough and that there wasn't enough actual Job Creation in it. These were Things that Liberals were saying about the Stimulus Bill

As for Health Care. Liberals have Never been happy with this plan because Single Payer Advocates weren't even given a seat at the Table from the Beginning. We want Universal Medicare For ALL! That was never up for Debate.

Liberals wanted the President to push through and End to Don't Ask Don't Tell. He did nothing.

Liberals wanted and end to NAFTA, Bring Back Glass Stegal,and a Return to some of the New Deal Type Reforms. The Administration Did Nothing.

Liberals wanted a Quicker End to the War in Iraq. He gave a Deadline that really is flexible and not edged in stone. Liberals didn't like that.

There isn't many things I as a Liberal can Look at during the Presidents First Year in office That I can say was a Liberal Issue that he got Done other than the Lilly Ledbetter Act and if there is than they have done a Piss Poor Job of communicating it!

Echo Chamber

The Media has its own agenda they are trying to push in trying to characterize this President as Liberal. If only he were pushing through Liberal Reforms. He has done nothing in regard to the Banking Industry that would be considered Liberal. Heck by carrying out President Bushes TARP program he infuriated Liberals. No Liberal Was for TARP! Bottom Line. But Congress and the White House pushed that through anyway.

I understand that CONs love calling themselves CONs and think that Liberals should be ashamed to call themselves Liberals. And that is exactly what is happening. The President Ran on a Liberal Agenda and has done nothing but PISS OFF THE LIBERAL BASE FROM DAY ONE! I am surprised his approval ratings are as high as they are.

You can't win anything if the Base isn't energized. The GOP Base is energize. The Democratic Party Base is Pissed OFF! That is the Truth. That is the Reality. Unless the President and the Administration can do something to Re Energize the Democratic Party Base they will get Killed in the 2010 elections. Running to the Middle or Pretending to be Moderates isn't going to Energized the Democratic Party Base. (Which by the way FAR EXCEEDS THE GOP BASE)

The CONservative Media Needs to CUT THE CRAP and tell the Truth. And We Need To be Much More Vocal about Calling them out on their Lies!


Is there an independent media?

We have a conservative media and a liberal media. Is there an unbiased media or have the right-wingers and left-wingers bought all sources of news. There was a time when you could get the news without a talking head telling you what it meant. It reminds me of those preachers who say, "Jesus said this but that's not what He meant. He meant this." People used to joke and say that you could not believe anything printed in the newspaper. Now it's less than a joke.


But what most people consider to be the "Liberal Media" isn't the Liberal Media. And the CONservative Media is up front and bold about being CONservative Media.

Liberal Media Consist of Three Talking Head TVShows Ed Show, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann. A few really Good Radio Shows (primarily Ed Show, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Step Miller, I like Ron Reagan and Errol Louis but they aren't in hardly any markets)but they are a small portion of what is available on the radio and are not in nearly enough markets and A few Blogs. Thats about it.

Where as CONservative Media and its cohorts have taken over radio. They are in every town just about. TV. The Mainstream Media is becoming much more CONservative but they Far right still doesn't want to acknowledge that.

They are increasing their presence on the Net also.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

I think it's a dying breed

Many scholars say we're entering a new era of highly partisan media, similar to the glory days of newspapers. When citizens have the opportunities to select news based on what they want to hear, well, you get the echo chamber effect.

I've been thinking about repositioning BlueNC from loud progressive to a more neutral place where debate can unfold without a partisan flavor. My bias is progressive, of course, but one of the principles of progressive is to be constantly challenging assumptions and biases in favor of what's fair and workable.

That's why I've asked conservatives and Libertarians what they think about military contractors. That shouldn't be a partisan issue, but it sure appears to be.

That has been a dilemna for me

I sometimes post links here on BlueNC from sources that espouse conservative thought yet have excellent presentations and proven facts and I am given "down in the country" each and every time for it. I get called names and am accused of being someone that "buys the conservative talking points and drinking the conservative Koolaide". Trashing the source sometimes looks like it is trashing the messenger, regardless of truth or fiction. I hear you, James, that you are considering accepting good presentations on the ills of our American society regardless of the sources that that comes from.

It is what I like about BlueNC. This blog seems to be honest and fair and accepting of information that although is not favorable to the progressive or liberal cause, wants to hear it and considers it.

Thanks for all you do, James. It keeps me here and I think it keeps a large number of those that post here dedicated to this venue.

It is and it aint...

If that makes any sense. I spoke to a guy this week who is in that industry and trys to bring Gov. Contracts in the Defense arena to NC. I'm all for Business especially if it is going to Create good paying jobs. I was for awhile a huge Pro Business guy. That was until I realized it matter how loyal you were to your company they would never as loyal to you as you are to them. This why I have switched and I am more Pro Workers Rights. This state has a strong military presence the state should get as many of those contracts as possible.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Why are we so focused on Rush Limbaugh?

The more the left gives Rush Limbaugh negative press, the more popular he becomes with the far right. When we focus hateful and derrogatory comments against him, the stronger he becomes in that arena.

If the left ignores Limbaugh's remarks and smirks and smiles at his idiocy, it shows far better how idiotic we see his presentations.

He is in the business to make money. He is successful beyond belief in that effort. Much of that comes from liberal/progressives acknowledging him as a source of information that should be considered.

When Limbaugh speaks, we should be silent. The most we should say is: "Yeah, Right!".

Back in the day I would agree with you...

That's until I realized what their (the right wing) strategy was. I always used to think. Why do they keep saying something that anyone who takes a minute to check up on can see isn't true? Because they don't care about truth. They care about articulating their Message to their Followers. They don't want to let small things like the Truth get in the way of their overall message.

We must repond with the Truth. That is why Media Matters and TPM, and all these sites became so popular. That is Why Huffpost became so popular. That is why Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are so popular. They are responding. They aren't just laying down.

We can't either. I am reminded of a great quote from MLK. A lie can not Live. And we can't allow them to live as long as they do. If it goes un challenged it will live longer than it should.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Give me a break

And James posted today that he wanted this to be a forum for reasonable discussion. And then you post that Olbermann and Maddow are so popular because they tell the truth. Jesus in Heaven. Olbermann and Maddow and Oreilly and Glen Beck are all fruitcakes. They twist any real news into garbage. All these so-called reporters are circus sideshows. Their rants are designed to get ratings. I would not rely on Maddow, Olbermann, Beck or Oreilly for anything other than comedy. They are all in the same boat and only serve as entertainment. They remind me of World Wide Wrestling - it's good redneck entertainment as long as you know it's fake. You know exactly what you are going to hear when you tune in to any of these clowns. They will slant the news to their beliefs. The truth is not with any of them, period. Heaven help us if people tune in to these clowns for the truth.

Give a Break? Ok take a Break...

While you are at it take some time to just watch 1 segment of Beck then Watch a segment of Mddow and you think for a second you can compare? You really are out of touch. The only comparison is that they are all Corporate owned an in being so their Main Goal is Profit. But in substance and content u are dead Wrong.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Grade my ESP

I watched neither's coverage of the Massachusetts' senate vote. But let me guess what was said. Rachel said that Brown was the worst thing since Satan and Beck said Brown was one of the Apostles. So what is my grade? (I have a feeling I passed the test.)

Not True!

The Worst Thing Rachel Said about Him was True that he possed nude and he said Obamas Mama was a Single Mom which was a lie! But I bet you wouldn't have even heard that comment he made about Obamas mom on Any Fox Program.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

But I wouldn't Know.....

Because I don't watch Fox. When I have tried to watch them I get a headache. Beck calling anyone a Racist is like the Pot calling the Kettle Black! Their is no Beck Equivalent on the Left. Not even Close. Olbermann is over the Top at times but he only really makes comments about Beck and Oreilly and the Right Wingers. He is the Anti Beck. Not Like Beck in any way.

The Most I can watch of Beck at one time is about 1 segment. His show is Hateful none since.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Olbermann is an idiot

If you think he only makes idiotic comments about the conservative talk show hosts, then you missed what he said this week about Sen. Brown. Watch The Daily Show from Thursday night and you'll rethink your stance about Olbermann. He should be fired for that crap.

It's all about coverage where the average "not-in-touch" ....

voters watch their TV. I listen to some of my relatives who are in the working world, and have little interest in politics, so don't watch the usual political shows.(but they vote) They watch The local and national news delivered mainly by the usual NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. "Meet the Press" has built a reputation as being 'fair and equal', so many viewers do tune in to that show for a little more depth on what's happening. So, I was really surprised the other day, while watching Bill Moyers, one of his guests brought out the fact that not one of the past or present House Speakers has been on that show, but Newt Gingrich has been on four times in the recent past! He hasn't been in office for years, but they turn to him for opinion and advice? Shows where the power resides in the media, I would say.

Shock Jock commentators

The four you have mentioned are like Howard Stern. They all say stupid things to shock the viewers into a rage of dissent or a rage of passion. They are indeed clowns. Anyone who views these clowns looking for the "truth" will be doomed to lead a life of ignorance. No middle ground for these four as you are either with them or against them. They make money by being entertaining with their insults and myths. Hopefully some of their views can become episodes on "Mythbusters."

I see a trend

In these latest comments. They have a very CONservative smell too them. They try to compare and combine Left Wingers and Right Wingers.

News Flash. Anyone who takes any time at all can see the difference. As they say where I'm from that Dog Want Hunt!

I get it. I know what you guys want to achieve. By Bashing fairly popular Left Wing Host you want to discredit them. Nice Try! I have watched enough of both to see the difference thank you very much. By the Way Brown was a Jerk for what he Said about President Obama's Mom and you guys want to defend that go right ahead.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

That dog"won't" hunt (as in will not)

I just googled the Scott Brown comment's about Obama's mama. Seems pretty stupid, although I'm not really sure what relevance that had to the Massachusetts Senate campaign. Is that going to be a standard question now for all Senatorial candidates: "Do you believe, Mr. Candidate, that President Obama's mama was married when she had the President? And, do you further believe, that he was born in the United States, is a former cocaine addict, once molested small children, does not celebrate Christmas, and wants the letter Q stricken from the English alphabet because of that stupid "U" rule?"

By the way, Olbermann 'sort of' apologized the other night, but I'm not sure who he was apologizing to (he certainly wasn't apologizing to Sen. Brown), he didn't seem sincere, and he was really just reacting to being called out by Jon Stewart. Until proven otherwise, he's just an idiot with a microphone in front of him, as is Glenn Beck, the lady named Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Colmes, Country Joe and Bill O'Reilly. Stewart is the only political commentator worth watching.