ConocoPhillips: Millions in Washington Lobbying Preserves Billions in Big Oil Subsidies

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How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?

ConocoPhillips Company is an American multinational energy corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. With 2010 revenues of over $196 billion and earnings of over $19 billion, they rank #3 on the Fortune 500 list. ConocoPhillips is the fifth largest private sector energy corporation in the world, and is one of the six "supermajor" vertically integrated oil companies. It sells fuel under the Conoco, Phillips 66 and Union 76 brands in North America, and Jet in Europe.

ConocoPhillips was a business partner of the late Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi, who once "...summoned ConocoPhillips Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James J. Mulva to Sirte, Qaddafi's hometown in northern Libya [for] 'a half-hour browbeating,' according to a March 12, 2008, cable written by Chris Stevens, U.S. charge d'affaires for Libya."

ConocoPhillips is currently a business partner of Communist China, who has also been taking the company to task over a recent oil spill that has "...polluted 5,500 sq km [2,124 square miles] of Bohai Bay, the most serious marine ecological incident in China."

ConocoPhillips gets much better treatment in Washington DC, where since 2001 they have pumped over $68 million into lobbying and made millions more in direct campaign contributions to preserve their petro-privileged status, e.g.:

"[High] prices at the pump are only part of Americans' Big Oil bill. They also pay more than $4 billion in unnecessary tax subsidies for domestic oil drilling and production every year. These subsidies are wasteful and expensive. Oil companies produce oil regardless of whether they receive these tax breaks, and they would still realize enormous profits without federal handouts... Yet Big Oil's representatives in Congress stubbornly defend Big Oil giveaways even if it means cutting deep into popular, important programs to make up for the cost. The House-passed fiscal year 2012 budget would cut Medicare spending by $30 billion over a decade, for example, while maintaining $40 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil over the same period... Of course, it's no coincidence that so many members of Congress consistently defend tax loopholes for Big Oil. Oil companies spend millions of dollars pressuring Congress to keep their taxpayer-funded subsidies intact. They've already spent $40 million on lobbying so far this year, and of all the oil and gas lobbying spenders in 2011, four of the Big Five oil companies - ConocoPhillips, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Chevron - claimed the top four spots."

"ConocoPhillips announced their 2011 second-quarter earnings, reporting profits of $3.4 billion, bringing their total profits in the first six months of 2011 to $6.4 billion. Below is a quick look at ConocoPhillips, by the numbers:

* ConocoPhillips has spent over $6 million lobbying Congress in 2011, ranking in as the fourth largest spender this year.

* ConocoPhillips has contributed $53,600 to federal campaigns in 2011...

* ConocoPhillips devoted $1.6 billion of its $3 billion 2011 first-quarter earnings to stock buybacks - more than 50 percent of its profit.

* ConocoPhillips' Chairman and CEO James Mulva received a 25-percent hike in compensation last year, earning him a total compensation of $17.9 million.

It's kind of an amplifying carbon-cycle feedback. Rake in billions from consumers, use the money to buy influence to maintain tax breaks. And as a bonus, any deficit cuts have to come at the expense of ... consumers. Talk about win-win for Big Oil!"

"The Political Economy Research Institute ranks ConocoPhillips number 11 on their list of the 100 worst U.S. polluters, higher than any other energy company."

ConocoPhillips is scheduled to break up into two companies - one for production and one for refining - in 2012:

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Our Kleptocracy-controlled media focuses on America's two-year election cycles as if who wins or loses was a matter of life or death, when in fact even at the Presidential level it makes no more difference than who wins on Monday Night Football, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Hillbilly Handfishing or the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. U.S. elections are staged primarily to give Sheeple the illusion of control so they will (a) vent their frustrations and expend their energy, emotions and resources supporting or attacking the Puppet on the Left hand or the Puppet on the Right, and consequently (b) never recognize and challenge the common omnipotent Puppetmaster.

There was no real change in 2008. There was no real change in 2010. There WILL be real change in 2012, but it won't be coming from tele-brainwashed couch potatoes, manipulated voter lists, rigged voting machines or predetermined ballot counts. It will be coming from us...

The 99 Percent



I am not just a Consumer. I am a Citizen.

I will no longer be labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

I will no longer follow Puppets labeled Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Demopublican or Republocrat.

I am the People. And I am coming for the Puppetmasters.

I am part of the 99 Percent. And I demand the following:

1. End the Fed.
2. Reverse Citizens United.
3. Repeal PATRIOT Act.
4. Expose 9/11 Truth.
5. End Profit Wars.
6. Refund Taxpayer Trillions.
7. Imprison the Kleptocrats.
8. Single Term Limits.

Or, if these demands are not addressed promptly:

1. Regime Change.



These GAO proposals are toothless, too little and too late:



"Democrat", "Republican",
The parties of the system;
Puppets both, for sale their votes,
No character or wisdom.

"Liberal", "Conservative",
For change or status quo?
Pick either one, the change is none,
All charlatans and whores.

Far "Left" we place the Anarchists,
Libertarians claim far "Right";
Yet both decry the government:
False continuum brought to light.

For oil, "We" bomb their mud huts,
Strip them bare, then offer "Aid";
And fake their retribution as
Pretext - a false flag raised.

Unarmed hundred thousands killed
By weapons of "Defense",
While rights are lost for "Freedom" sake -
On profit, all depends.

With stroke of pen, the "Patriot" Act,
And patriots' gifts are taken;
Then "Citizens United" leaves
Our citizens forsaken.

We protest loss of liberties,
Put "World Wide Web" to use;
Cloudmark Authority censors us
For "messaging abuse".

They label us to finger-point,
With labels, "They" deride us;
Their labels keep us all at bay,
For with labels, "They" divide us.




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How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act?