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It is an exciting time for North Carolina politics! As the 2012 campaign season heats up, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is ramping up his efforts to reach out to voters, colleagues and supporters.

Goodwin’s website has been redesigned to make it easy to find the latest news about his service to North Carolina, watch video messages on YouTube, or follow his updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Goodwin has made transparent and open government a cornerstone of his efforts in the office of Insurance Commissioner. Creating a clear and open dialogue with citizens is equally important in his campaign.

“I love to talk to North Carolinians about the issues that are most important to them,” Goodwin said. "North Carolina is a big state, but social media can bring us together almost instantly."

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Just wanted to comment on your canned spill about fighting fraud for the folks in NC. I know this must be canned because you do lip service to the principal while granting a group of severly less than honest insurance agents in Wake and Johnston counties the luxury to slide with a fine while not even addressing the fact that you all have many ( more than 3 dozen) signed statements of forgery on these agents behalf. The forgeries were uncovered by your investigators, were confirmed by the insureds written satstaments of forgery and were further confirmed by four of thses agents employees that they personally had witnessed the forgeries in process. You and your department chose to ignore all hese facts. One of these forgeries was in real time reported to the investigation team that was present when it happened while they were on the site doing the investigation and confirmed BY THEM...YOUR OWN FOLKS...BUT YOU CHOSE TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT THIS AGENT WAS SPITTING IN THE FACE OF your team of INVESTIGATORS AND YOU DID NOTHIING! Now another victim has filed charges with the Selma Police Dept and the DA immediately informed her that she would have to go through DOI when this stealing and forging was not even covered by your investigation.Your Department is running interferewnce with these police Departments so no one will get a bonafied and valid complaint of forgery thru against these agents. What is up with all this preferred trearment? Your Represenatives have stated that they are happy with this unbelievably weak show of the dedication of your department's " fighting of fraud" against the insurance buying citizens of NC. Your decision not to file criminal charges or do a criminal investigation smacks of the GOOD OLE BOY MENTALITY. It is clear that when an agent with money ( whether it be stolen or not ) gets a high powered attorney, the NC Dept of Insurance insttantly tucks it's collective tail between it's legs and publicly urinates on itself. That is how we as the defrauded public views the way you handled this. The Department of Insurance betrayed the insurance buying victims of this Family of Insurance Agents SCAM ! Did you think we were not watching ? Did you think we did not care? Do you realize the victims of this scam, will never have justice until this type of Agent business practices are punished accordingly? But , no they are still in business to figure out another way to defraud the public! And you can bet your sweet voluntary settlement agreement that they are already up to thier old tricks. Thank you for showing us how tough you are on Agent fraud. We CAN NOT afford another four years of Wayne Goodwin's idea of justice.


After the slap on the wrist of the COOPER / HONAKER Family of Insurance Agents that have been defrauding the public BIG TIME, We the voting citizens of NC think you are putty in the hands of an agent with money and obviously it does not matter how much of that money was from defrauding clients.
You, Wayne Goodwin and your DOI betrayed those of us that were defrauded by this family. We can not afford another 4 years of this kind of unbelievably preferred justice. Pack your Bags Goodwin ! We are going to vote you out of that oh so corrupt office !

That's all you get

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Reply to Concerned Voting Citizen

With all due respect, given that by State law much of the contents of an investigation are confidential and this particular prohibition prevents me from responding in greater detail puts me at a disadvantage in replying, but perhaps you know that. ... Also, the fact that you have chosen *not* to reveal yourself and the fact that you have chosen this particular forum suggests certain things about you - whoever you are - and your own motivations, so your posts should be weighed by readers in light of that.

Further, again with all due respect, your posts also indicate or strongly suggest that (1) you have not read the public Order in that case or understand its impact, or do not care what it says and are merely trying to make political hay for whatever reason you have; (2) you don't care about the public, non-confidential facts whereby a large number of the clients/persons initially alleging harm then signed affidavits under oath changing/reversing their allegations, a fact which affected the outcome, and a significant fact which you leave out; (3) you don't understand the significance that the Department of Justice agreed with the results in this case; and, (4) you do not understand the impact of the changing stories of many of the persons complaining, and that the Department was still able to get refunds for *all* potential victims and complainants, and assessed one of the State's largest penalties against the defendants, and secured the Department's right to verify compliance for a long time time to come.

Folks familiar with courtrooms and rules of evidence and law in general know that in a case with conflicting affidavits there can be dismissals and acquittals. Instead of risking no recovery for consumers, the results obtained by the State in this particular matter, despite what you say, are major. They are *not* a slap on the wrist. Among the results are a $200,000 penalty, ordering of repayment of monies to all relevant persons (not just complainants) in an amount that could very well be more than the penalty, and certain additional compliance tools specifically for the persons in question in the years ahead.

And, not knowing if you are an attorney or not, this office is bound by what the applicable law is and how the law, established by the legislature and interpreted by the courts, apply to a fact pattern. There are more facts here than you have chosen to post.

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Department of Insurance is comprised of top caliber law enforcement officers. When you try to insult me you are insulting these honorable sworn law enforcement officers who work tirelessly and who, in fact, are responsible for more than $10.4 million being returned to victims of insurance fraud in 2011 alone.

In 2011, the work of these investigators led to 144 arrests, 83 criminal convictions, more than 100 pending court cases, and more than $10.4 million in restitution and recoveries.

My record of fighting insurance fraud speaks quite loudly for itself: Since winning election in 2008, the criminal investigators working for me have received more than 13,500 complaints, resulting in 575 arrests, 320 criminal convictions, and more than 109 cases currently pending a court appearance. These arrests have resulted in more than $47.9 million in restitution and recoveries for victims.

These facts are proof that my team and I are tough on fraud.