Congress probing DuPont/Chemours over PFAS-related illnesses


Debbie Wasserman Schultz rakes them over the coals:

For more than two and a half hours on Tuesday, Wasserman Schultz and many of her colleagues on the House Oversight and Reform Committee grilled and castigated company officials over their refusal to accept responsibility for the widespread contamination of drinking water by perfluorinated compounds.

Corporate representatives blamed one another for the nationwide contamination. They dodged questions. 3M’s senior vice president of corporate affairs, Denise Rutherford, despite being under oath, falsely claimed — or lied — that there were no human illnesses linked to exposure to these compounds.

That's the same thing they said about C8, the predecessor to GenX. Just before DuPont paid $670 Million to settle a class-action lawsuit from all the people made ill by the compound. Go get 'em Debbie:

“Are any of your companies, who were responsible for using these chemicals that firefighters and military service members were exposed to, planning any type of compensation to harmed victims?” Wasserman Schultz asked the trio.

“Our focus is to reduce the firefighting foam we use on our sites and clean up the sites we operated,” replied DuPont Chief Operations and Engineering Officer Daryl Roberts.

“So, no,” the congresswoman interjected.

“We’ll continue to focus on sites …”

“So no. Yes or no?”

“ … within our control.”

“That’s not a yes or no answer.”

“We’re focusing …”

“Let the record reflect the gentlemen essentially said no.”

These companies will fight tooth and nail not to compensate, or even pay for medical treatment, because they fear such a move would escalate the claims and cost them their precious profit margins.