Congratulations to Wetterling and Lampson

Most of us have either received our emails from OAC or have heard the news that John Edwards will help Patty Wetterling, MN-06 and Nick Lampson, TX-22 with some fundraising as the winners of the OAC online nominating competition. Congratulations to Patty and Nick.

Most of us were also angry when the list first excluded a deserving North Carolinian and congressional candidate, Larry Kissell. OAC very, quickly added him to the list once we pointed out the ommission and they deserve credit for that.

To the One America Committee: Thanks for giving two great North Carolina congressional candidates a shot. Now go ahead and write them a check anyway. Pretty please?

Update: Oops...I see that Blue South has already registered a post about this. I share your disappointment, but maybe Edwards will work hard to help Larry and Heath anyway since they are in North Carolina. We can keep the pressure a nice sort of way.


I have a good feeling

that we will see the Senator out and about in NC.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.