Congratulations and thanks to James

It's taken a long time, but the NC Democratic Party's call for a boycott of the Puppetmaster's businesses seems to be making waves in the news media finally.

And while I've seen no mention of what inspired any of these folks to finally publicize the Puppetmaster's attacks on democracy, I know who deserves a lot of credit for making this an issue: I'm very grateful that you are working so hard for us, James.


Thanks, Z.

I've been on the trail of the Puppetmaster for almost five years, and I can't tell you how happy I am to see him getting this much-deserved public scrutiny. This always happens when people who consider themselves privileged get greedy and overreach. Pope is rapidly becoming a pariah. I just hope the boycott gains momentum. I'm spreading the word everywhere I can.

I second that emotion

I have no doubt that if James hadn't been a diligent observer, Pope's behavior would have flown (mostly) under the radar, especially where entities like the Family Policy Council (etal) are concerned.

I know there have been times where James felt like he was pissing in the wind, but it has made a difference. The Emperor might still have a robe, but he has no belt with which to cinch it up.