Confederate flags removed from base of memorial in Union County

Union County, NC Confederate Flag

Tuesday afternoon officials in Union County removed multiple Confederate flags from the base of the Civil War Memorial on the grounds of the historic Union County Courthouse. The flags were taken away after Union County Democratic Party Chair Nancy Rorie emailed county officials requesting that the flags be removed.

In her email she wrote:

I was approached at the prayer vigil for the Charleston victims last night by a couple of people who asked me to find out how to get the Confederate flags (not monument) removed from around the monument on the Old Courthouse grounds.


I suggest that if they are still there, it's time for them to be quietly removed.

civilwarmemorial.jpgWe believe the flags were placed at the base of the memorial some time around May 10, when Confederate Memorial Day is recognized in North Carolina. When initially planted, the flags were very obvious. I was somewhat surprised to see them the day I visited my favorite feed and seed store in downtown Monroe. The historic courthouse is a beautiful building and the grounds are home to all of Union County's war memorials and Union County is home to quite a few Confederate flags, so I was surprised but not shocked.

I understand why James and others here dismiss the removal of flags as trivial. Most of the people reading and writing here have not lived under the oppression and hate that this flag represents.

Nobody is suggesting we declare victory and go home, but spend some time with African Americans in a small rural town like Monroe and you will know that the removal of this flag is far more important than our privilege will allow us to understand.




I don't think the flag removal is trivial, I think it is a potentially dangerous distraction. These sorts of efforts are important, but if they become the main story, as they have, then lots of white people get credit for doing something that should've been done a century ago.

I'm proud to see this happen in Union County. I'll be looking to see what happens next.

Sadly, it will be almost impossible

to get anything done with county government firmly in the hands of Republicans. There is some serious white supremacy BS that goes on here - stupid things like putting a massive decal on the windshield of a truck that reads, "Coon Hunter"....just lots of anger and hate. You can really feel it at polling places during election season.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Might be

For every black person in the county to start open carry.

I was pleasantly surprised

at the speed and professionalism with which my inquiry was handled. I sent the message to the communications officer on Tuesday at 9:25; at 9:26, he forwarded it to the facilities director, who forwarded it to another person. At 4:26, that person responded to the facilities director, "Taken care of!", and at 5:16, the facilities director sent me a message, "The Confederate flags have been removed from around the base of the monument." What impresses me so much is that this was done without any further prodding from me. It was almost as though they were waiting for someone to ask that they be removed.

Nancy G. Rorie

Thank you for taking the

Thank you for taking the initiative to make the request. Often that's the difference between things getting done and things not getting done. Good show!