Colonist or royalist?

It's what every American should be asking themselves this week. The Tea Party too.

Do you stand with the modern-day British East India Corporations and their masters (the Kochs, the Olins, the Bradleys and other royals that want to unmake the American Century and rig American democracy like they rigged the financial markets)? Or do you stand with the people in your community? Who do you serve?

It's pretty clear who Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP leadership in Wisconsin serves. They and their brethren and Forbes 400 patrons have declared open war on the middle class, with rafts of industry ghost-written legislation in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana -- in about half the states. To strip the collective bargaining rights of political enemies, to defund public schools (and teachers), to suppress the vote by requiring photo IDs (Jim Crow, Jr.), to dissolve elected local governments in a corporate coup d’état, to arrogate sweeping executive authority over state agencies in a single unelected ... tzar(?), to transfer tax dollars from the poor and middle class to give tax breaks to corporations, the works -- all supported by the same press-shy billionaire ideologues behind Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council. As the fake "Koch" phone call demonstrated, they don't care about your jobs or your economy, and they don't care about you.

So where do you stand? Colonist or royalist?

"Corporations shouldn't pay taxes at all. That's a terrible idea."
-- pro-Walker demonstrator Jay from LaCrosse in Madison, WI.

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It's a grand paradox

Teh baggers are victims of Stockholm Syndrome. They hate authority when it comes as a result of coordinated public policy, but they love it from their corporate captors. The cookie joke applies, for sure.