Coca-Cola, Duke Energy, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Sponsoring Violent Hate Speech

Facing South has the news that the Civitas Institute is holding the Art Pope backed Conservative Leadership Conference in mid-June in Raleigh. Among the featured speakers at the event are Nighel Farge, the virulent anti-immigrant UK leader recently named as a "person of interest" in the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Featured speakers also include:

Civitas has been trying to get more outside funding for their work to combat criticism of the organization basically just being a mouthpiece for Art Pope's hate-filled brand of far-right ideology. Some prominent NC-based companies have been throwing their support behind Civitas and their violent hate-speech.

Click the links above for contact pages where you can let them know exactly how you feel about their sponsorship of right-wing prejudice and violence.



A veritable hate-fest

You know, in the past Civitas has at least tried to keep their haters somewhere in the quasi-intellectual category, like outlier professors talking about free speech issues on campus or Libertarian prophets channeling Ayn Rand. But these dudes are full-on fascists, and the AR-15 "door prize" at the convention will attract even more of them. Ugh...