Co Sec. of State - stealing election for McCain

In this article, I wrote about how the Secretary of State of Colorado, Mike Coffman is engaging in activities that would make it easy to steal Colorado's votes, and the national election, for McCain.
Now, in the state that has been compared to 2004's Ohio, Coffman is throwing out thousands of new voter registration forms through a minor technicality.
While this may anger you in a general way, it angers me personally even more. You see, while working on a voter registration drive to get Obama elected,my team and even me personally have registered numerous voters, and have heard from many voters, especially in our African American communities "this will be my first time voting", and to know now that they are going to be turned away at the polls, along with all of the other people registered by Rock the Vote, ACORN, the Obama Campaign and the Democratic party, makes me sick to my stomach.
Read more for the background on this story and Coffman's outrageous ruling to disenfranchise voters.

Thanks so much for the legal links, already getting responses from people.
2nd update: My other friend just told me that in Southern Colorado, Pueblo, the County Clerk refused to accept turned in forms yesterday based on this letter from Coffman.

Please continue to forward this to any lawyers you know or contact the Secretary of State's office here,
or the Denver District Attorney's office,

or contact Democratic Governor Bill Ritter's office here.
In what I previously covered:
1) Colorado, according to Stu Rothenberg's What's the Top Electoral College State This Year?, Colorado is now THE swing state as Florida and Ohio were in 2000 and 2004.
2) Secretary of State Mike Coffman broke the law last year by allowing his database manager Dan Kopelman to manage the database while he was running a Republican voter database company on the side. See story by Dan Whipple

3) Coffman's State Elections Director was discovered to be staying at a loft owned by the software salesman who manages the Voting Machines for our state, machines that have already been de-certified, then re-certified by Coffman. She resigned pending an investigation, and it calls into question the veracity of our voting machine process.

(Here is the interview with Colorado Ethic's Watch Chantel Taylor and Colorado Media Matter's Bill Menezes on these issues and the failure of the media to report these criminal activities.)

4) Now, Coffman has ruled on new voter registrations and decided this:
(from Colorado Pols' Dan Willis)

At Issue: Forms used by Voter Registration Drives. They include a place for people to include their Driver's License Number, State ID Card Number or Social Security Number (only requires last 4 digits). There is a box present which states "I do not have a Colorado Driver's license or Dept. of Revenue identification number" which people are supposed to mark if they are going to only give an SSN.
The Secretary of State has included in his Rules (dated July 2008) that any new voter who does not mark that box and only gives their SSN shall not be registered to vote. In mid-September he issued a memo to the County Clerks telling them specifically to not register anyone who does this.
Consequence: Thousands of new voters are attempting to register to vote, thinking they are successful because they signed up through some organization such as ACORN or any of the political parties, but are not registered and will not be allowed to vote if they do not correct their forms.

When I say thousands, I am not over-exaggerating. In Denver County alone (the only one I have numbers for so far) this ruling has resulting in approx. 3000 denied voter registrations! And that is just one county, and one with thousands of more forms to even look at!

The SoS's sorry excuse? They claim to upholding the law, specifically CRS 1-2-204(f.5) which states:
"In the case of an elector who has been issued a current and valid Colorado driver's license, the elector's Colorado driver's license number. If, instead of a driver's license, the elector has been issued a current and valid identification card by the department of revenue in accordance with part 3 of article 2 of title 42, C.R.S., the elector shall provide the number of the identification card. If the elector has not been issued a current and valid Colorado driver's license or identification card, the elector shall answer that he or she does not have a driver's license or identification card and shall provide the last four digits of the elector's social security number. If the elector does not have a social security number, the elector shall answer that he or she does not have a social security number."

I have looked at our copies of Voter Registrations. Thousands of them. And the majority of these people who think they are registered to vote are going to be disenfranchised by this devious, deceptive, and underhanded ruling.
This may cost us the state for Obama, maybe even the entire general election.
What now?