CNN uses your computer for their business

If you watched the inauguration on CNN and you clicked "yes" to a dialog box you gave them permission to install a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that used your Internet bandwidth rather than CNN's to send live video to other viewers.

Fred Langa's Langalist has an article about it

Another way for business to make a profit: shift the cost to the consumer. The Terms of Service are draconian, you're forbidden to get any information about what the program is doing on your computer.

Comments sucks

It didn't work on my mac. I was never able to see the CNN vids.

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Inauguration streaming

I just found out that Sky TV in Europe streamed the Inauguration live on their website in HD. I don't know if it was P2P but I'm told it was crystal clear. We had HD streaming for the convention but I wasn't aware of any domestic sites streaming HD for the Inauguration.

I checked my computer and had no file to delete

I put HULU on the front page and tried to stream it, but as you know each time you load the page it starts over with an loud ad and then picks up where you left off. I eventually took it off the site. It wasn't bad and didn't slow things down. It was simply annoying.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.