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Last Tuesday, North Carolina State Activists Lee, Joe, Eli, Emilio, Me, and Wake Teen peer education Gabi were interviewed by CNN for a story about sex education. When I first heard the news, I didn’t know what to expect. I have been extremely frustrated with TV news coverage for quite sometime because it has been shallow, inaccurate, playing to people emotions rather than peoples minds, and in FOX News’s case, coverage has been racist, full of lies, etc.  Most coverage of sex education that I have seen hasn’t been very accurate and the stories have been super short (usually 20 seconds-1 minute), and the reporters never really seem to get it. When I heard that our NC efforts were going to be on CNN I was very excited, but skeptical that the story would be any good. 

Here is our group on the CNN set:

When I met the reporter, Carol Costello, I recognized her immediately from seeing her on TV quite a lot. The Daily Show made fun of her “just sayin’” segment on American Morning, and we had a really cool conversation about what reporters think of Jon Stewart and Colbert, because many people view them as reporters, when in fact they are comedians.

Anyways, Carol Costello got it, and she helped me see some good in cable news. She was incredibly smart, and was very interested in this topic. Our interview lasted about 45 minutes, and it was one of the best conversations about sex ed. I have ever had with anyone. She asked amazing questions, she had clearly done lots of research ahead of time, and she really understood why we have been working so hard to overturn NC’s horrible sex education law.

Cable News, take note: Your viewers are intelligent (for the most part), and want to learn more about the world. You have a huge responsibility in this country to guide the debate on many social and political issues that we are facing today, and you need to do that with facts, not lies, an open mind, and with no agenda. This is what I saw from CNN and Carol Costello on Tuesday, and I am so happy that she is the one covering our story.

The piece will air Thursday, September 6th on American Morning on CNN between 6-9 am, and it will also be online.

Here are some “backstage” photos from the interview:

Me going over some stats with Mary, the NCYLC coodinator

chatting before the interview starts

Camera Man



Good work all around. Nice to hear a positive experience with the media.

Nice work

This is definitely an area that needs more open and informed discussion. Be sure to share the link when its posted online!

This is awesome Dan!

I am really proud to know you are out there working hard on such an important issue. Great job. I will be watching on September 6 and we will remind folks here to tune in.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.