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In case anyone isnt watching tv ,CNN Headline News is really covering this Flight 93 & Taylor Deal. Covered it twice within 10 minnutes on Headline news. They are asking for comment at


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The majority of these people are very hard working, and decent people. You cannot come into this country illegally, and demand rights. If you come into the U.S. Illegal you sould be sent back. Things should be done the right way. The cubans/ others are sent back why not the mexicans with no papers. We have our own american children living in the streets. Why isn't there any money to help them? The legal mexicans are good people. The rest should do things the right way.

illegal immigrants

coming into our great country lacking proper documentation is illegal. refusing to file and pay income taxes is illegal. If millions of illegals can force th U.S. government to provide amnesty,then could millions of Americans that choose to stop paying taxes to support the illegals also get amnesty?

Just a correction

they aren't getting amnesty from filing and paying taxes...part of the deal(from the Senate bill) would be that they have to pay all back taxes. They would be getting amnesty for being here illegally.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'd sure like to stop paying

taxes since a big chunk is going to fund our criminal invasion of Iraq.

"Things should be done the right way"

I agree, C.E., but the whole point of this discussion is to try to figure out what the right way is. If the right way involves the creation of a guest worker program, would you make Julio travel from Durham to the Mexican border to get in line for a pass to come back to Durham? Why does that make more sense than paroling those here illegally into a guest worker program?

I'm not saying that's the solution, or even part of it. I'm just saying that your answer is so neatly simple because it ducks the tough underlying question—"how should we change immigration policy?"

Floyd Landis

I think Floyd is telling the truth and should keep the yellow jersey. The same lab that tested him, tried to say Lance Armstrong took drugs to enhance his performance also. They just hate to see the Americans win each year and that is a shame.