Closing schools

Big news on the education front today as this story in the Charlotte Observer reports. Follow me to the rest of the story and chime in.

A judge threatened Friday to close about a dozen N.C. high schools, including four in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, if test scores don't improve this spring.

The letter from Wake Superior Court Judge Howard Manning appears to break ground nationally. He tells state education leaders that high schools with five years of pass rates below 55 percent on state exams "will not be allowed to open in the fall of 2006" unless principals are replaced.

In a brief interview Friday afternoon, Manning described the letter as "just a warning shot ... not an order."
. . .
Manning's 17-page letter blames principals for lingering academic failure, and superintendents for tolerating it. He tells state educators to put "new management" in schools that don't hit passing marks this year and to demand a plan for restructuring the schools.

Read the whole article - it's the best coverage I found this morning. And it's worth some serious thought. For example, the focus is on principals getting fired. Why stop there? Why not fire superindentdents? Why not fire the entire staff at the state Department of Public Instruction? Why not fire a bunch of parents?

I'm exaggerating (somewhat) to make the point that the problem is systemic. That said, this seems like a pretty good move to me.

But you have to wonder what the wingers will think. Isn't this one of them there activist judges who doesn't know his place? We'll see. I'm guessing the Pope Puppets will applaud the action. You see, they like judicial activism when it supports their agenda. Just like I do.




I wish I knew how to add a poll to a diary

because I'd love to ask: Who should be fired when a school doesn't achieve adequate performance?

George Bush
Charles Darwin
Charles Taylor
Art Pope
None of the above
All of the above

Just kidding about Charles Darwin . . .

Da Judge is the biggest freeloader in the Judical system

"Howdy" got his ass kick in the last Supreme Court race big time.

The fool had no idea what the heck was going on and just thought
the people of the state would elected him because of his hot
Judge orders and his classic Judical act in Wake county.

His campaign had no web site until the last week of the campaign
and was senting out letters on the last week to all the lawyers in the
State begging for bucks...... Now enforce the future order to close the schools Howdy and let's see what
schools Howdy

I would just post a diary and say poll to follow...

then post the poll.

Make sure you check out the article in the Observer about the land sale. It's there and needs LTEs. The four schools listed won't close. They serve a predominantly minority community. Maybe the threat of closing them will serve as a catalyst. I doubt it, knowing CMS as well as I do.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for staying on the land issue, SD

and for prompting our LTEs. Just sent mine:

Dear editor:

Thank you for your excellent coverage of George Bush's National Park Sell-a-thon. Like so many of this administration's policies, this one is short-sighted and destructive to the common good. The only good thing I can see in this instance is that Bush has finally achieved one of his favorite talking points. He is indeed a uniter, not a divider. Americans across the political spectrum have come together to oppose his wrong-headed proposals.

Send letters to

Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Very Nice!

I haven't checked other NC newspapers to see if they've run anything yet. I'm getting my LTE in within the next few minutes. NEVER think that a trip to the mall with a middle school student will only take an hour.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Should you fire anyone.

I'm a firm believer that right now there are too many layers, so you have a hard time firing anyone. I think we need to completely redo the educational system to do away with standardized tests for students. I think the PRAXIS or equivalent test for teachers should be given every three years. I think teacher pay should be based on peer reviews (33%), student reviews (33%), and learning new content (online courses, in person courses, workshops, etc; 33%).
I believe that all Federal money should go to the state en masse, which should then pass it on to the counties en masses based on the number of students/disabled students.
I believe the counties should decide how to spend the money.
I believe that a principal is responsible for making sure the teachers are doing their job. The principal should hire/fire the teachers. The local school board scould hire/fire the principal. The electorate should hire/fire the school board.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I like this.

I started a comment here, but ended up moving it over to the Nov. 7 forum.