The Clinton's are funny?

As you might know, I'm an Obama fan.
However, I'm not one of those people who support Obama because they think Hillary is just a "B***".
I respect her, but I think Obama is by far the better candidate.

That being said I wanted to share some humor out of the Clinton campaign with you all. The problem is that none of this was meant to be funny.

First of, a supporters' YouTube video that's meant to counter the many stirring Obama videos that have reached millions of young people by now.
Judge for yourself, but I think it inspires me almost as much as a rusty doorknob does. It has a very high "Up with People" level.

Then we also learned that Bill Clinton argues that Hillary has done excellent in the primaries, considering that she is "operating on a shoestring". She raised $140 million.

I hereby volunteer to drive Bill Clinton around in some areas in Rock Hill, SC, where I was campaigning for Obama during the SC primary. I visited people there that lived in totally dilapidated houses with "port-a-potties" by the side of the road because they didn't have any sewer access. I'll let them explain to Mr. Clinton what a shoestring budget really is.

Calling $140 million for a political campaign a shoestring budget is the kind of Washington-speak we have tolerated too long. It's time for a change of the guard.


This is a cheesy video

But, if Obama is the nominee, because he can reach across the aisle, what will he concede? He has already conceded universal healthcare. What is next? Torture, Eavesdropping, Iraq? Are his recent "present" votes an indicator?

The first thing he will concede... the power lobbyists and big money have in Washington DC. If you're a federal lobbyist, you might want to start looking for another job right about now.

"present" votes

All the people I hear whining about Obama's "present" votes when he was an Illinois State Senator do not know how the present vote is used in Illinois politics.
If you want to learn more, you might want to start right here.

The "present" votes I speak of

were cast in the US senate.
The republican ad condemnation is an example. Hill voted against it, Barack voted "present," and he got the endorsement(WTF)?
I like Obama, but his stances seem to be "present."
With Hill you have the specifics on how she will accomplish her goals. With Hill, the republican attacks are already known, and stale.
Her so called "negatives" come from being a well-known figure in politics for almost twenty years. I am sure Mark Foley would poll better than her just because he is not as well-known.

Please don't tell me you

Please don't tell me you view the vote as anything even remotely important in Senate...?

Obama's stances

Obama's stances are not "present", if you don't know what his stances are, you might want to do a little reading, I suggest you start here.

With Hill you have the specifics on how she will accomplish her goals.

The problem is that she will never be able to reach them, since ,if she wins the election, it will be by a very narrow margin and we go back to the very divisive politics from the past (and the present) where you don't accomplish anything. Remember how we were told that the Democratic congress was going to get us out of Iraq back in 2006?
And yes her so called negatives are well known, she has the highest negative rating of any candidate, which is why she doesn't attract independent and new, young voters. Every poll has shown that Obama has a much better chance of winning an election against McCain than Hillary does.
Hillary will bring out Republicans by droves, not because they like McCain, but because they hate Hillary. At the same time independents will be split between the 2 candidates and she won't bring in any new voters. Result: a loss or a very narrow victory.
To get real change you need to build a big movement from the ground up, a movement Hillary will never have.

IS McCain driving Republicans to the Polls?

We will have to see who wins the NC primary.
As we witnessed in 2006, substantial change can happen in 6 months.
At least I am comforted by the fact that Obama can't lose (or has no reason to lose).

Clinton Leads Obama in Missed Votes in Senate

I am no expert, but Reuters has an account of where Hillary compares with Obama on missed votes.

Clinton Leads in Missed Senate Votes

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton may be falling behind rival Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but she has the lead in missed votes in the U.S. Senate so far this year.

After reviewing Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s voting record on Tuesday, we examined how the Democrats were handling their day job as well.

Clinton missed 18 of 21 votes while Obama missed 10 of 21 roll calls so far this year, though they spent much of Tuesday casting votes related to a bill that ultimately passed, empowering U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct domestic surveillance on terrorism suspects without court orders.

Obama helps us track $17,550,300,000,000 of federal spending

Posted over at One Million Strong:

Now we can track contracts, grants, earmarks, and loans, thanks to, a site created by the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 of Tom Coburn and Barack Obama.

What's at the site? Read on for 13 examples (contracts with KBR/Halliburton, VECO, and General Atomics, Tom Delay's pork and Duke Cunningham's backers, no bid contracts with defense contractors, contracts with shadowy Blackwater subsidiaries, declining support for homeless veterans with increasing support for abstinence programs, spending on guided missiles, maintenance of dams, and stranger things including flags, perfumes, hand tools, and boll weevil eradication).

...Another kossack said it well:

I don't just want someone who will not be like the Republicans. I want someone who will make it so a George Bush administration and a Tom Delay Congress can never, ever happen again. That doesn't just mean partisan victory, it means changing the hard-and-fast rules and shoring up our defenses against abuse of power.