#ClassSizeMatters is Trending on Twitter

A hashtag calling for NCGA to fund our public schools in a manner that allows for both lower class sizes in grades 1-3 AND for schools to retain their art, PE, and music teachers is now trending on twitter. Check it out. #ClassSizeMatters

As our NCGA reps and senators assemble for their special session Wednesday, it is hoped they will see the passion NC parents have for making certain their children get the education they need for future jobs. Make no mistake about it: Children cannot sit in STEM classes all day long. Parents will fight you tooth and nail over recess. And today's employers want workers with creativity as well as math skills.

In 59 of our 100 counties, the public school system is the largest employer. Laying off teachers in our rural areas will further damage rural economies. And as our rural areas do not have broadband access, these kids won't be able to attend NCGA's virtual academies.

And it's only a matter of time until someone emails Amazon or some car manufacture and advises them not to locate here as our General Assembly is actively working to destroy public schools. No business wants to deal with the chaos of researching every applicant's school to see what kind of graduate it turns out.

I have left off names:

A quality education is worth fighting for. Per pupil spending is down. No one thinks the unfunded class size law is good legislation. There is no funding even for the physical space necessary. Solve #ClassSizeChaos #ncga #ncpol #nced

Students deserve both low class sizes AND arts, music, P.E. They can’t wait until May! #ClassSizeChaos

My daughter is being kicked out of her school across the street because of #ClassSizeChaos

...your constituents are hurting. We need you to stand up to leadership and stop #classsizechaos. It can't wait until May.

That traffic in downtown Raleigh is nuts! You know what's not nuts.....passing the bill introduced by Senator @jay_chaudhuri that will fix the #ClassSizeChaos It already passed the house unanimously once. Thanks for making it happen again!

The arts are federally recognized core subjects. Cutting them from schools will not prepare our students for a global workforce. #ClassSizeChaos

Hey, #NCGA, you thought turning out 300+ in subfreezing weather in Jan was impressive? Imagine the crowd you'll find come March if you don't fix this