CJ Is at it again - Misrepresentation my ass, that's a lie.

In today's issue, Joseph Coletti, Fiscal Policy Analyst for the John Locke Foundation, states:

Tax receipts started rising again in 2005. Collections for the current fiscal year are already $200 million ahead of forecasts. Just don’t expect to get any of it back. The government growers have already spent it two or three times over, like the lottery money.

There is a link to the lottery money phrase, which makes it seem as if there is good data behind this, but oops, none of their links actually work. They are all dead ends. Incompetent much, CJ?

The lottery has not already spent the money two or three times over, just as the legislature has not spent the taxes collected for 2006 two or three times over. Both of these statements are just outright lies.

Now, if the CJ wanted to focus on why taxes are being raised, how about looking at their Republic Federal Government - lead by Republic President, House, and Senate. The Empire has demanded certain criteria be met for NCLB, but then refuses to fund it - thus the state must fund it. The Empire has passed the IDEA act, but refused to fund it - thus the state must fund it. The Imperialist in the House and Senate have raised Medicaid rates and allowed cuts in services to poor, disabled children - guess who is going to pay for that?

There is only one tax and spend party, it is the Republic Party, but they are, unfortunately, the cut taxes and spend party. Or, cut taxes federally and spend locally party.

You can't have it both ways CJ, you can't say cutting taxes and services at the federal level is good, then bitch when the state and local government picks up the pieces. Unless of course you are FOR cutting benefits to disabled children, seniors, the mentally retarded, the blind, and our Veterans of Foreign Wars?

When Democrats are in control of the Federal House and Senate next year at this time, we will have a fair tax code that lifts the burden off the working class and spreads it equally to the Paris Hilton/Donald Trump class - CJs constituency. When that happens the lower state and local taxes on North Carolinians can be used for a strong rainy day fund, which Katrina showed us is necessary. The lower state and local taxes can be used for increasing teacher pay, so that all of our children can have good schools, not just those of wealthy Republics like the Paris Hilton/Art Pope crowd. When Democrats are in control of the Federal budget and get it back to a balanced budget, like we did after the last Republic fiasco (You do remember the Voodoo Economic Debt you put us into, don't you CJ?), then the job market will begin to soar again as will economic growth for all companies - not just Walmart.


I had this discussion last night

Let's assume the people at CJ are good Christians, as we are lead to believe all Republic party members are. Here they are, lying to people on their website, on their radio address, and in person probably. So, they know they are going to burn in hell, right?

I mean, either they DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD and don't believe they are going to burn in hell, or...they are just evil and don't care.

TO Lie is one of the big 10. To Lie over and over, knowing you are lying over and over, will get you into the eternal flames of hell.

So, what is it CJ? Are you a non-believer or are you evil?

I guess the other option is that you are incompetent. That when you state the lottery money has already been spent 2-3 times over, you don't know that's a lie and that no such thing HAS happened. See, you can't get out of this by saying it MIGHT happen. You specifically said it HAS happened. A lie. Go directly to hell, do not pass go, do not save your eternal soul. Send me a marshmallow.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.