Civility My Rear

I read far too much about civility lately. David Michael Green on the Regressive Antidote has a rant up, "Civility? Whatever. Capitulation? No Thanks."

So it seems like everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout a new way of walkin’ – at least for this week. Civility in politics is all the rage for the moment. That’s fine. There are ways in which we definitely need to be more civil in our politics, though there are also ways in which our faux civility substitutes for real debates about real issues we desperately need to be having and are not. Mostly, though, I’m very much not interested in civility as a mask for capitulation. Hey, Barack, are you listening?

I agree with Green that civility does not mean capitulation - and it should not. Democrats need to gear for a real fight, and I mean taking the offensive and if the right does not like it, to hell with them. Lets quit pussyfooting and asking for forgiveness for things which we either did not do or which mean nothing. A real question is whether we can get back enough of the Independents to conduct an effective war.

The Republicans, backed by the rich and corporations, intend to fully, totally destroy the Democratic Party and anyone in their way. There is no other way to interpret the politics of today. The only way to react is to destroy them, absolutely. I remember a commander of mine, who when told by a patrol that they were taking fire from 360 degrees said to them, "Good, you have them where you want them." Well, we have them right where we want them.