The Cinema of Saddam Hussein (political cartoon)

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With another Saddam snuff film on the Internet, he is beginning to compete with Tupac for postmortem video releases.

If Bush cannot control the execution of Saddam with any level of confidence why should we expect anything more from anything else he has done or promised? Same old, same old. Yawn.

From the Toronto Star:

If he had the mordant wit of a Jack Kennedy, George W. Bush would be thinking, "I invaded Iraq, and all I got was this lousy video."

As war trophies go, the grainy film clip of Saddam Hussein's execution last Saturday doesn't compare with prising California from the Mexicans or the liberation of Paris. But it will have to do in the absence of any other success to derive from "Operation Enduring Freedom."

The grisly video that documents Saddam's final moments on Earth runs just over two minutes, but tells a powerful, nuanced story of ethnic hatred that curses so much of the planet, and would be instructive to the U.S. president but for his poor powers of comprehension.

Indeed, what have we gotten from Iraq except lies, corruption and death? According to the Pentagon, the only thing coming down the pike is more of the same. Saddam's videos have shown the simple abundance of everything that America used to stand against. We used to pride ourselves with holding the high ground. No matter how terrible an enemy was, we never stooped to their level.

Now we have, and we can't stop.

An October 2006 report in the U.K. medical journal Lancet puts the number of "excess deaths" in Iraq due to the invasion at 654,965, with 601,027 of these resulting from post-invasion violence. The Lancet numbers were disputed by other experts who variously put the civilian death toll as low as 57,980 (the Iraqi Body Count website) and 30,000 (Bush Jr., in a guesstimate during a Philadelphia speech in December 2005.)

Regardless of how the carnage is quantified, sectarian violence has only intensified since Yehya Hassan expressed his hope that the emergence of Saddam from his "spider hole" near Tikrit presaged a new enlightened beginning for Iraq. Boy Bush told fellow Americans in 2003 that the cost of Saddam's removal would not top $60 billion (U.S.), a sum that Iraqis would pay out of their own oil revenues. And those revenues might indeed have burgeoned, as the White House had predicted, but for the entirely foreseeable insurgency that crippled Iraq's petroleum infrastructure within weeks of the invasion, and has kept it that way for almost four years. (The Iraqis, after all, managed in their rapid retreat from Kuwait to torch hundreds of its oilfields.) By the recent estimate of former World Bank chief economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University professor of public policy Linda Bilmes, the U.S. tab for the Iraq war and occupation is certain to exceed $1 trillion (U.S.).

The Saddam execution video is now the most expensive movie ever made. It makes Titanic's $200 million price tag cheap by comparison.


Noose-cam video

Bwahahahaha.....OK.....this one has me crying. But's been one of those days already.

But wait! Not laughing and crying at Saddam and the whole rushed hanging thing. Just laughing at your wit. The videos/pictures are disgusting.

Your cartoon is wonderful.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I can't tell you how shocked when my wife and I...

... heard of the new video of Saddam from the news last night.

First thing out of my mouth was, "the next thing ya know is they will upload the noose cam video."

My wife tells me my best stuff comes when I am just totally disgusted.

And that is what these videos are, totally disgusting and a blight to what America was.

Town Called Dobson - Daily Political Cartoon: Not all is red in rural America!

I haven't actually seen anything

except the picture that was on the front page of the Washington Post. That was enough for me.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Ya know, I was disgusted

all three times I watched the videos ;)

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Wonderful strip -

Noose cam, indeed. I keep waiting for Nero to start fiddling.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Noose Cam

Just checking in with TCD. Funny...
Thought you might want to look at my view of this. I don't know if the editors will publish my take on the second round of executions which is even funnier than this one. I'll let you know.

Toon In, Toon On, See you in the funnies.

Toon In, Toon On, See you in the funnies.

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Toon In, Toon On, See you in the funnies.


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Toon In, Toon On, See you in the funnies.

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Bushwhacked by Iraq

Thanks Greg

My brain just doesn't operate well earlier in the day until I get a few pepsi's in me, plus I'm usually thinking about a subject for the next toon...

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Toon In, Toon On, See you in the funnies.