Christmas weekend open thread

Cold days ahead. Y’all stay safe.



We’re hunkered down.

Family is all here for the holidays. Very lucky we are.

Political environment more or less sucks. No signs of life from the state party. Constant signs of depravity from Republicans everywhere.

A homeless woman is at our doorstep this morning crying for help, having been evicted yesterday from Section 8 housing because we helped her with money. She now has to pay money she doesn’t have to be holed up in a shelter.

The system is broken.

I'd like to blame that on Ben Carson, but there's a whole lot of politicians who own our current mess, including some Democrats.

We need a public housing revolution, and if that means more housing projects that people tend to sneer and tsk-tsk about, then let them sneer. A warm place to eat and sleep and live in for everybody isn't asking too much, we could do that with 1/10th of our annual defense budget ($1.64 Trillion in 2022).