The choice is becoming die on your feet or live on your knees

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Since Trump entered the presidential race in 2015, this nation has been in turmoil and not had one moment of peace. Everything Trump and his complicit Cabinet and GOP legislators (Federal, State, and local) have done is destructive, corrupt, and often cruel. He has bankrupted us morally and financially, driven a wedge into the soul of our nation, and daily attempts to split us like a log to burn in his fireplace. He is succeeding.

He and our corrupt Attorney General Barr have loosed their personal Gestapo on the citizenry, violating our constitutional right to protest and savaging people with tear gas, rubber bullets, and truncheons. Innocents have been beaten bloody and carried away in unmarked vans by unidentifiable camo-clad "officers" who may be hired mercenaries. Our postal system is being ravaged, our environment is being ravaged, our waters poisoned, and we're dying in the thousands from inept and often criminal handling of a pandemic. Our health care professionals are exhausted. Hospitals are reaching capacity and in some places, triage methodologies have been instituted to determine who lives and who dies.

Our economy is in free-fall due to Trump and the GOP's handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic and resistance to provide adequate solutions to massive unemployment, school closings, and debt relief. Millions of us have lost our healthcare coverage, face bankruptcy or eviction, and homelessness. Meanwhile, Trump's benefactors/supporters (and family members) have received, in aggregate, $Billions in "business loans" that may never be repaid, Social Security is being threatened, and every government institution designed to help manage our nation's interests is being driven into the ground. (Defense, Education, Justice, Judiciary, EPA, etc) It's becoming increasingly apparent we no longer have "law and order" for everyone. The GOP and Trump are interested in enforcing only those laws they want to be enforced. Today Trump suggested our elections should be delayed. None of this is new news to anyone who has been paying attention.

The question becomes, what are we going to do, or are we willing to do, about this? My greatest fear is that we essentially will do nothing. Oh, we'll wring our hands on social media, and complain. Some will write to their Congress-critters, and we'll try to influence people to vote and vote "blue." And true to form, the GOP will do everything possible and use every dirty trick to influence the election's outcome in their favor. And what if they're successful? What if Trump declares Martial Law? What if he sends his Gestapo to your town or community, or your neighborhood? Are you prepared to deal with any of this? Are any of us? Don't want to think about that? Well, perhaps we should....and we should be organized and committed. If not collectively, then individually. I'm sure some will say it's hyperbole to think the boxcars and camps await...but I think it's a real possibility. If this isn't Nazi Germany all over again, it's damn close.



I don't think many/most of his followers have thought this

through or if they have, they really have no concept of what awaits. It's sort of a video game to them where everyone gets to be violent and no one really bleeds. It's one thing to prance around in camo and play soldier and entirely another when the real bullets start to fly.

Stan Bozarth

Not even close

Nope. Not even close. The Nazis didn't use fear has and rubber bullets. Their horror was a million times greater than this. Could it get to that? I don't think so. Trump is a draft dodging, tax evading, business cheat con artist. Nothing more and just enough of those who voted him in will not make the same mistake this time. Don't overestimate Trump and underestimate Pelosi and people like Mattis.

BL...I'm happy for you for your optimism

I'm hopeful you are correct. I'm simply suggesting people should think about what they will do if Trump and his band of scumbags retain power.

Stan Bozarth

If there"s someone who could call it...

...a major national strike would be more effective than fighting in the streets. Like Lech Walesa of Poland. Who could it be? Mattis, union leaders, perhaps a half dozen non-partisan Governors? I just think labor striking at once better than violence. Not saying that there's not a time for violence or that it never solves anything. Of course it can at a huge cost. Hang in there

Our nation is so divided that a national strike...

...or any cohesive national movement is unlikely while Trump is in office and the GOP remains complicit and uncaring. And, a national strike would do exactly what to deter these people? it's the everyday cirizenry that would suffer. How long before the groceries ran out or until we run out of fuel to run power plants and water and sewer plants, etc.? Talk about chaos... I'm not advocating violence. I'm simply saying things are going to get worse and folks need to think about what they can and will do when it comes to their neighborhoods or home.

Stan Bozarth

Ah, suffering...

...there may be regardless of what actions are taken. But my bet is that sound minds would prevail if this con refuses to leave if beaten in November. Like all bullies, he is a coward when it comes down to it. And, like all spoiled bullies, he likes the easy way. He'll love being on Fox as a "swindled victim" ranting about how democrats are destroying the world. My bet is that's what he'd really like. It's easy and he'd feel the love every day.

And back on subject

Trump followers will lose their steam and public bravado when he's gone from office to TV. They'll take their hate behind closed doors again....I hope