Cheney’s dietary supplements (political cartoon)

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I have always felt when a politician brings up their relationship with God in a campaign, they are usually as far away from morality and their faith as they can possible get.

I get that from Cheney and doubly so from Bush (maybe triple). They give great lip service to the Lord Almighty™ but are total failures in showing examples of their faith in their daily lives.

I understand the need to keep diplomatic relations with an enemy nation, but Bush has constantly cozied up with some of the most atrocious people on the planet. His personal relationship, as well as his family's, with Middle East dictators has always been troubling. (Don't get me started on the whole Nazi nastiness) And the same goes for Dick Cheney and his Halliburton.

So I hear Cheney talk about Christianity and know it is all a lie, so I must also conclude that all his positive, love-fest language about Jews is equally false. Israel doesn't have that much oil production, so why should Cheney give a shit about them?