Chasein Chickins and other Things!

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope everyone is fixing to have a Great Holiday! I got the best Christmas present ever yesterday! The Docs have isolated what was affecting my wife and I am happy to report she is now on Meds to correct it! YEA!

I was seriously thinking of giving Robert a call and having him bring a team in from Chapel Hill. You all are the first to know I do not mix Religion & Politics but prayer did work. Now, to matters at hand. Yes, as the title says, I will shortly be running around the property like a half-crazed lunatic (Please stay calm and don’t call the VA or Broughton to bring Butterfly nets) trying to capture our Chickens and make POWs out of them. They have found a hole in the wire.

I do have several mean roosters named, George Bush, Mr. Cheney, Rummy field, and chucky.
I have plans for them. However, I think the rest of the brood is Democrats as they corporate good! Now, to business, it appears that our new Congressman Heath Shuler has his work cut out for him and I know Senator Snow is already on top of it. 200 Lay offs in Graham Co. alone and another 100 or so in Swain county.

What better Christmas present could one ask for? YEA, RIGHT! Stanley Furniture says it simply cannot hire enough workers to fill their slots. That friend is pure crap. I worked there at one time. In addition, I know folks who, while we were under Taylor’s administration tried as high as 5 times putting in applications only not to be hired.

It seems to me that they have a dose of “Scared of a Democrat House its” if you ask me! I do not, as an ex employee buy the act. I worked there with unlimited overtime to do OSHA work. Therefore, this new story does not hold water. In addition, yes I do blame it partly om Up Chuck Taylor not voting for CAFTA. This layoff will leave Stanley with less than 240 employees to operate. I have Seen this plant close down twice before and I am sad to say I think that is where it is headed again. Only time will tell! Who, of our political party elected to office will become involved in this process remains to be seen. However, three things are for sure in my mind, First & Foremost. I personally think this is nothing more than a company who has sent many jobs to China efforts to stand against the election of Heath Shuler and other Democrats. Second, It will for sure be a bleak Christmas for some 300 folks in WNC.

It is our earth, not yours or mine or his. We are meant to live on it, helping each other, not destroying each other. - J. Krishnamurti