Charters have Privileges Public Schools are Not Allowed

SB 480 has passed the crossover deadline and will head to the House. If passed there, it will make it illegal for any employee of a local board of education to politic while on the clock. Teachers, principals, teacher's aides will not be able to send home info on bond referendum or any legislation affecting schools.

However, charter schools are free to do so. Charter schools can use school facilities and time to call for support for legislation. And I have seen kids who receive vouchers actually lobbying at the Legislative Building. The following has gone out from Voyager Academy to its parents. Sauce for the goose is no longer sauce for the gander.

Thank you for all you do and most importantly, for choosing to work at Voyager. Without you our children would not be provided the education they so much deserve. With all the talks we have had regarding budgets and salary, I want to share this message going out to parents today:

We have a problem, and I need your help to solve it! Our children are being denied thousands of dollars in local tax payer revenue and we need your help.
Current legislation, known as the Hackney and Nesbitt amendments, allow local school systems to restrict sales tax, refunds, reimbursements, and federal dollars from public charter school students. The impact: Voyager Academy loses over $1,000 per child who attends our school! Imagine what we could achieve together if we received over $1,000,000 worth of the funding we are owed each year!
Please sign up to be an advocate to reverse these unjust amendments:

You will be asked to carve out 30 minutes a few times per month to go to a Fair Funding Advocacy web site on an assigned day and trigger the advocacy system:
* The system will connect you to Legislative Leaders in Education and let them know how it is unfair that public charter school students are not being fairly funded with public monies. You may be invited to attend press conferences or pep rallies and you will be asked to send a letter to our legislators to support this effort. Remember, we are not asking for additional money from the state, we are only asking that the district share the funds they choose to deny our students.

I thank you for choosing us and supporting what is doing what right for public charter school children. There is an attachment to this newsletter with more information, but please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or to see how else you can help. I am counting on all of you to sign up to serve as advocates and help me in this legislative effort to ensure that we are given equal funding for all our students so we can provide them with the highest quality instructional program and most importantly, invest in our most important resource, our teachers!



Blatant hypocrisy

As always, traditional public schools can't do anything right, and charter and private schools can't do anything wrong.

And these idiots keep getting elected, which is even more hard to understand than their twisted policies.