Charlotte's Best Political Blog: BlueNC

Here's something to celebrate! Creative Loafing in Charlotte has named BlueNC the Queen City's best political blog. How cool is that!

OK, we cheated it a bit in this category; BlueNC hosts a left-leaning "community-driven" blog, but it's not exclusively focused on Charlotte. Still, it touches on Q.C.-related people and issues frequently -- and it's one of the few places to check the pulse of progressives in North Carolina.


Thank you for the kind and

Thank you for the kind and generous words. Much appreciated.


It's nice that a city outside

It's nice that a city outside the state would honor a NC blog! ;>)

I'm a moderate Democrat.

A good laugh!

Even my wonderful wife chuckled at that one.

Very cool!

Creative Loafing rocks. And they've got good taste, too. ;)

Very nice!

Smart, too!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

very nice, but ...

I think it says more about the lack of a good political blog in Charlotte!