Charlotte Observer's take on the Republican antics

Tillis and Berger pull a fast one

Republican leaders of North Carolina’s legislature acted unethically – if not unconstitutionally – in the middle of the night last night.

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A lot of the Charlotte commenters

seems to be cut from the same sorry sack of sh/t as WRAL commenters in Raleigh. Every time I read the comment threads from both cities I come away thinking that North Carolina is full of morons.

Sadly, many of those commenters seem to think that just because corrupt Democrats did something once upon a time that it's okay for corrupt Republicans to do the same.

It's no wonder our state is so fucked up.

How will this play with

How will this play with voters?

Democrats are aligned with teachers against Republicans who will spend the next nine months trying to explain their midnight coup.

Which do you think wins in the court of public opinion?

Rep. Verla Insko weighs in via email

If you are confused, welcome to the most bizarre experience I have had during my 15 years in the NC House. How did a special session called by the Governor for a very specific purpose morph into a regular session where unannounced action was taken on a previously vetoed bill? It took a series of recesses, a lot of back room strategy sessions and a mangling of House rules and the State Constitution. It also set up at least one and perhaps two court actions.

When House Republicans realized they didn’t have the votes to over-ride the Governor’s veto of SB9, they should have convened a 30 minute skeleton session with 4-5 members, referred the bill to a committee and adjourned. They could easily have taken up the veto over-ride in the already scheduled February 16 short session.

Instead they kept House and Senate members in Raleigh for two days at a cost of $110,000 to the taxpayer and accomplished nothing that could not have been done in February.


is just the tip of the very expensive iceberg Republicans have just collided with.


... has never been more appropriately to our state legislature before. The dinosaur faction is still very powerful in this state. Too many people, here and elsewhere I suppose, still cling to the notion that if it's in the paper (or on the TV) it's true beyond a doubt, but if it's on the internet, it must be a lie. I know my parents take that view, and nothing I can say or do will dissuade them of the notion. I'm convinced this is the biggest stumbling block we have left to overcome before this and a host of other systemic political/social problems we have can ever be addressed.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

US Constitution

Obama the Dictator

Obama has had a close relationship with dictators of Latin America. He has demonstrated a willingness to ignore the United States Constitution when it was convenient for him to do so. To this point the challenges to the Constitution have been relatively minor, but his “War with the Catholic Church” is a very different situation.

Obama is emulating his hero, Caesar Chavez. Today Obama is crushing the USA Constitution by demanding the Catholic Church follow his order to practice genocide against the unborn and the core belief of Catholicism.

What will the next step be? Will the national gun registration books be used as a roadmap for confiscation and the destruction of the Second Amendment?

As I write these brief words Attorney General Eric Holder awaits his appearance before the Senate for Contempt of Congress tomorrow. How Sad!

Robert Silvaggi

Gee Bob,

I thought you were talking about the last president,

The core belief of most churches...I mean the really core

belief of organized religion is money. All else is negotiable.

If you're pro-life, that's fine. If not, that's fine too. Whatever. As long as you don't foist your stuff on others. Obama seems to be trying to make sure people have a choice. That isn't dictatorial.

And yeah, I hear Obama is sending people around in pink Volvo's promoting national gun registration. Going to Texas first. Be very afraid.

I'm pretty sure Holder deserves to be in front of Congress to defend the DOJ. Some of the stuff they've been doing is off the wall. Not sad.

Stan Bozarth

Cynical viewpoint....

no the core belief of churches is God.

No just the truth

If churches are not about money then why is the Catholic Church running ads on TV asking they're members to come back to church? They must be noticing a decline in revenue. If you advertise on TV to increase revenue you are a business. If you are a business you should be taxed. Not bashing Catholics, just happens to be the ad I have noticed lately. I think the business model is the same regardless of the "brand". Pay up or spend an eternity in hell.

I have no problem with people's beliefs. This country was founded on the freedom to worship or not worship as one sees fit. I am open minded and believe that there may be a higher power and there may not. It is not something I can prove one way or the other. However, I do believe organized religion as Stan was saying is about revenue.

Could it be...

that they are running ads to get people to come back to church since they are concerned for their well being? A couple of my kids don't attend church anymore and I always tell them that they need balance in their lives. Spiritual balance is just as important as exercise for the physical body.

You've got your mind in the middle ages, the Reformation changed the church back then if you recall. You are completely wrong, the church is not about revenue, it is about God. Your words betray you as not being open minded but very close minded indeed about religion.

One doesn't need to be a church member to be spiritual.

But, that's beside the point. Take a look at a church budget sometime. About $0.50 of every dollar goes toward the pastor's salary and benefits and expenses and some apportionment to support the "organization. After utilities, insurance, power and heat and any other admin/employee expenses, there's usually zilch for doing good works...youth programs, missions, support to the community, etc. The church is usually governed by some arcane book of rules that first and foremost protect the church hierarchy from the membership should they become disgruntled.

None of this is to say that churches don't do good works. Some do... and are a positive influence on people's lives. Usually, it's the members that cause that...not the professional church leadership. You might say one goes with the other. No necessarily so. Anyway... each to his or her own beliefs.

Stan Bozarth

Having a building and a pastor costs...

no surprise there. Everything costs money. You comment was the church's core belief was in money. It is not. This was my point of disagreement with you.

All churches have a budget which includes all those things you mentioned. What that budget does not show are the many appeals for helping homeless, appeals for hunger campaigns, etc,. There is no budget set for these items, they are all handled by special appeal. In addition, most of helping to sort clothes and deliver food, manning the night shelter, feeding the residents are all handled by volunteer labor coming from the chuch membership. None of these things show up on the budget.


It must be weird to be you.

But really, if it gets too scary because of all the conspiracy theories swirling in your head, you can always go to the state mental health services for help.

No wait, there are no more mental health services.

Sorry, dude. You're on your own.