Charles Taylor's Wikipedia Distortions

Apparently congressional staffers have been in the habit of changing Wikipedia entries to favor their bosses. Looking at Republican Congressmen Charles Taylor's page, it is clear that his staffers have done some prettying up of the man. For instance,

During his eight terms as the representative of North Carolina's 11th district, Taylor has worked to reverse a trend of job losses to the area. Taylor has concentrated on working towards a highly educated workforce and a thriving technology sector in the district.

And an untrue swipe at Shuler:

Democrats have recruited former NFL quarterback and North Carolina native Heath Shuler to move back into the district from his current home in Knoxville, Tennessee to run for Taylor's seat in 2006.

And this:

Economic development experts in the Asheville area report that Taylor's efforts have been a boon for economic development in the area, and have suggested that only a congressman with an established and respected reputation in Washington D.C could bring as much support to the region as Taylor has.

Since I know there are many of our readers ready to oust Taylor, I will leave it up to you to go set the record straight. Maybe insert something about his vote for CAFTA after claiming to be against it. Or his banking scandals. Or his lies about the forest sale. For a list of all his evils go here


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Great work,Targator. More crooked BS from lyin' Republicans. Next they'll be trying to rewrite the Bible so it looks like Chuck had a lead role in triggering Armageddon.

No wait. That would actually be true.

To be clear

The flip-flop was was Hayes's. Taylor is the one whose vote against CAFTA mysteriously disappeared (even though, gosh, I'm sure I hit that button!) allowing the measure to pass by the narrowest of margins.

Today has been about catching up on sleep, and work, and tonight is a friend's wedding rehearsal dinner, but I'll take a look at Hayes's page tomorrow.

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Lance, I know the story

I know the Taylor story. To me not voting to allow the thing to pass is the same as voting for it. Maybe I should have been more precise, but Taylor said he was against CAFTA and then let it pass.

and he lied about not voting

He didn't just not vote. His spokesperson was quoted blatant falsehoods about it in the Asheville Citizen-Times to get in their maximum spin on his cowardly behavior. Deborah Potter said "House members have electronic cards that allow them to vote
from another location when they can't make it to the
House floor." Which everyone who works there tells me isn't true but no reporter in WNC bothered to verify it and wonder why the big weird lie.

She also was quoted as saying "Taylor cast his vote near the end of the voting period," but the day before, Taylor's offiice had put out a statement saying he'd voted with Howard Coble. Several witnesses say Coble voted in the first ten minutes, giving Taylor plenty of time to find out his vote hadn't been recorded (since that was a vote that was followed intensely by everyone on the Hill, and his name listed was listed as not voting for a long time for everyone to see).

There was no way his vote didn't get counted "by mistake" as he claims. And, of course, as you say he purposely didn't vote to allow the thing to pass and obviously he did it in such a way so that he could claim he meant to vote no. I know I'm going on too long but these stories always seem to disappear.

Another reason we know he's lying

is that Tom DeLay ran his House like a prison warden. He planned the 1-2 vote spreads to allow the moderate Republicans to vote with their constituency most of the time and only forced their votes when he needed them. If he knew he needed a vote he would have hunted Taylor down.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


you can look at the revision history of any article on wikipedia by clicking on the "history" tab at the top of the page.

looking at the revision history of the article, it looks like the last thing anyone did to it was last week - somebody added a link to in the external links section!

it would make sense to me that if one of taylor's goons actually jammed the wikipedia article, that link would have been the first to go.

Syntax, What I was thinking

What I was thinking was that the page had been sanitized by a Taylor hack a couple of months ago when the staffer stuff was going on. Then recently the website was added by the TaylorSucks crew; they just did not take the time to redo the entire page. We could look through the entire history to see what has happened to it. But in the very least, it should not stand as is.

Just added the following to the Wikipedia article on Hayes:

The situation was reminiscent of the vote over the Trade Act of 2002, which shifted some trade agreement authority from Congress to the President. Though Hayes had said "We're a definite 'no' until we get some help on textiles," he was lobbied hard by the White House and congressional leadership to vote for the measure. In the end, Hayes voted "yes" and broke down in tears on the floor of the House. [1]


Poor Robin.

PS Thanks for doing this.