Charles Taylor's Support of Crush Videos

the syntax of things reports that Congressman Charles Taylor voted to continue the practice of producing, distributing, and selling videos of women killing small animals for masturbatory purposes:

Image Hosted by"something rather nasty surfaced over the weekend, first in a comment thread in the editorial pages at the asheville citizen-times, and later @

in october of 1999 with very little opposition the house passed h.r. 1887, a bill with a rather clumsy title called the “to punish the depiction of animal cruelty” law. the bill, which amended title 18, made it illegal in the united states for anyone to create, sell, or possess depictions of animal cruelty with the intention of placing that depiction in interstate or foreign commerce for commercial gain."
"this bill passed overwhelmingly, 372-42, with 17 no-votes, and was signed into law by then-president clinton. of those 42 “nay” votes, 35 of them were republicans.

and, as if you couldn’t see where i was going with this, one of them was rep. charles taylor.

congressman taylor, why did you vote “nay” on this bill?"

I've left this post off the front page because the subject matter is so damned nasty. Charles Taylor voted in favor of allowing cruelty fetishists to produce and distribute animal cruelty films for sexual purposes. Please write your local paper today to let folks know about this truly twisted position. Or, if you're more in the mood for shits and/or giggles, call Congressman Taylor's office at (828) 251-1988. Don't get stopped by the receptionist. Ask to speak to Debra Potter or someone in the Washington office.


I'm still having a hard time believing this

I wasn't paying as much attention back in 1999. This is really disgusting and I'm glad you are on it. Taylor doesn't deserve to serve in congress.

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