Charles Taylor's Signatures Dinner

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In case you missed it...

Paul Kiel of Talking Points Memo followed up on the Asheville Citizen-Times story last week regarding Charles Taylor's relationship to convicted felon and superlobbyist, Jack Abramoff.

Kiel: "Rep. Charles Taylor (R-N.C.) has shown a talent for creative cop-outs - well, here's another.

On April 9, 2003, Taylor sat down for a lunch with several lobbyists from Greenberg Traurig. Reliable sources say they met at Signatures, although we couldn't confirm it. Two days later, Taylor's campaign deposited checks from six members of Team Abramoff for $500 each, along with a $2,000 check from Jack Abramoff himself and $1,000 from his client, the Saginaw Chippewa tribe of Michigan. One month later, Taylor wrote a letter to the Interior Department to help the Saginaw land a hefty school construction grant."
"Taylor admits sitting down with at least six members of Team Abramoff on the date in question. But he's questioning whether the event could be called a "fundraiser." Why? Because he doesn't recall getting any money on the spot - he says he "received no checks there."

Of course, Taylor can't plead ignorance that his campaign actually received checks - but since they weren't waved under his nose then and there, it's an open question for him whether this was a fundraiser. Maybe it was a coincidence. But the AP saw no room for ambiguity: "Abramoff's firm threw Taylor a fundraiser."
"And Taylor says he can't remember why he met with the lobbyists. But (it's funny the way memory works) he can remember why he didn't meet with them: it was "not to raise money or discuss the tribe." And yet he ended up raising money, some of it from the tribe."

Kiel: "On a hunch, we checked his FEC disclosure records - and sure enough, he never declared the fundraiser as a campaign event, nor reimbursed reimbursed Signatures, Greenberg Traurig, or anyone else for the expense of hosting the fundraiser, as campaigns are supposed to do."

Charles Taylor is lying. He's not confused or misunderstood. He's trying to make you believe that none of his meetings with the most powerful lobbyists in D.C. at Jack Abramoff's own restaurant ever influenced him. It's absurd and insulting.

Commenter MK said, "Doesn't it make it worse that Taylor claims the meeting was not a fundraiser, yet still collected money from Team Abramoff? I think it makes it more look like a straight up bribe."


SCREWY!! A Bribe?????

Well Yea, Back when i took Basic Law Enforcement Training that is what it was called & it looks that way to me now!

Now the Republicans may have a different term for it , Kinda like the Charlie, Chuck or the CT Shuffle! The Taylor two step & side step but in the end ,it's a flippin Bribe!

This is off topic but I'm

too lazy to look for the appropriate diary entry. Think Progress had a comment section yesterday on the Taylor flip-flop.

Screwy, Lance, and Dan, and Anglico, and SD. You're all doing great work on this breaking Taylor stuff -- the off-shore drilling, Abramoff, flight 93 memorial. I can't believe all the shit that's come down this week when I'm so busy I forget to wipe my ass!!!! I just made that up. I'm not sure if it's funny or just gross.

But, on topic, I'm convinced Taylor's fundraising and campaign vs. congressional staff delineations would not stand up to investigation. The question is: who will investigate him and when?