charles taylor's latest tv ad

well, chuckles the clown's latest ad buy took effect this morning during wlos' early morning newscast... and, predictably, it's ugly.

the gloves are off, mr. shuler. it's time to come out swinging NOW.

UPDATE: here's the second ad:


Truckloads of money...

is such a bad idea for Taylor.

I would respond directly to this ad with Heath himself standing in front of the camera while that part of the ad plays off to the side. Mention all the money scandals he has been involved in and have them roll down over the truck picture as he speaks.

Or, go the Iraq war waste of money, lack of Katrina aid, pitch.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

a quick analysis

the beginning is humorous on some level, but not quite on the same level as, say, farts and monkeys (which, i should have qualified earlier, not everyone finds amusing). a dump truck backs up and empties its load on top of a taylor for congress yard sign - which, interestingly enough, was sitting in a mound of trash to begin with. taylor succeeds on two levels here - he announces that the trash talk will now begin, while at the same time drumming up sympathy from his base for all of the "inaccuracies" that will be thrown at him in the future (one can hope).

"heath shuler is taking money by the truckload" - pot, kettle

"from washington liberals... from trial lawyers... from party extremists"
- again with nancy pelosi. honestly, most of nc-11 doesn't know who the hell she is. but they sure know the other two lefty bugaboos that they threw up onto the screen - hillary! and howard dean... nice juxtaposition, upchuck.

"...and big labor leaders" - oooooooh! unions bad!

"heath shuler moved here from tennessee - and he hardly ever votes." - here come the "carpetbagger" accusations. never mind the fact that shuler's FROM WNC!!! and never mind the fact that voter turnouts are extremely low nationwide...

"guess they figure they can buy OUR vote first, then tell heath HOW to vote after they get him elected" - huh? you got a mouse in your pocket there, upchuck?

love the photo-op shot of him with the uniformed veteran near the end. (dan - you really should chime in here...)

and HE WON'T EVEN LOOK INTO THE CAMERA DURING THE FINAL SHOT! chuckie, chuckie, chuckie... don't you realize that when you're unable to look right into the camera, you're basically saying that you can't look your constituents in the eye. you can't be trusted, sir.

policy vs person

When you cant attack policy attack the person. Its not complicated.

Anyway, the two words shuler needs to start throwing around: "lies and hypocricy". Mr. Taylor is lying, I am from Western NC. Mr. Taylor is a hypocrite. His entire campaign has been financed by the same people who are destroying the American Family by giving our jobs away.

Also, what is Taylor's voting record like in the House? Does he show up or not? That could be a great response. "I might not have voted in November of 1998, but you missed 50 key votes on the house floor this year alone." Something like that.

Lyndon Helton for NC Senate

"Keep the Faith"

That's right, Up Chuck.

Talk about anything besides your miserable record as a rubber stamp Bushbot. Talk about anything besides your ranking as one of the least ethical members of Congress.

Here's hoping the fine people of the 11th district don't fall again for your predictable Republican bullshit.

Voting for Charles Taylor is the same as voting for George Bush. And no one in their right mind would do that.

Lovex7 and SD

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this ad doesnt make any sense

i mean I seriously hope Taylor isnt paying for these ads. That was seriously a worthless attempt at trying to throw mud at your opponent.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

i got the second ad!

thank bob for tivo! (and my lovely wife, who was home and set up to record a chunk of WLOS)

look for it in about, oh, ten minutes?

You know I could do that for $20K

Spend about $5 on three 5 second "quotes" and then run off with the other $19,995.

Would be about the same quality. I'm glad to see we have such a fiscal responsible conservative in office.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Ohh Boy, there they go again

claiming the dems are doing the dirty work that THEY are doing!

I'm momoaizo, and I approved this message!


What the heck do they expect. The man olayed pro ball, was no where around NC or Tenn for those years. I guess they would purge me too.

confusing accusation

The Taylor video claims that Shuler was purged for "not voting over 12 years". I initially thought that this meant that he did not vote for 2 12 year period, but there is no way that works based on Heath's age (he is 34 now, so unless he registered when he was 10). I assume that is how they want the ad to read in order to distort the issue.

I am not even going to speculate on the underlying facts, but I have had my name purged from a list well after I moved from the state. I moved from Florida to North Carolina, registered in North Carolina, voted several times, and then two years later, Florida sent me a notice that I was purged for not voting; I wonder if that disqualifies from serving in public office?

Anyway, I think there are two take away points:
1) the ad is hillariously ironic: it starts with a groan about how Shuler is going to dump trash and is then the campiest, most negative ad.
2) Taylor is scared of the issues and is making his last ditch effort of character August! Nothing left now for September and November but waiting to lose.