ChapelBoro controls Orange County; can't see past its own front yard.

Warning: rant ahead.

I am growing increasingly irritated at the self-centeredness of people in Carrboro.

Over at OrangePolitics, where I don't want to start a war, there was a huge discussion about "OMG, Weaver Street Market wants to expand! Fuck them, then, I won't shop at their shitty place!! I'll go to Whole Foods!!!"

It pisses me the fuck off, but Dan Amoni at least admits his view of community is extremely short-sighted. (Props to Robert P for being cool.)

For a town that prides itself on being Holy Shit The Progressive Center of North Carolina and the Second Coming of Berkeley, it strikes me as extremely resistant to any progress or change.

But I can't post this as a comment over there, because I'd probably get banned for saying bad things about CH/C. Fuck that. (OK, the potty mouth doesn't help.)

I'm sick of driving to Chapel Hill (the Teeter, 15 mins) or Carrboro (WSM, 25 mins) to buy groceries. Hillsborough does not have any grocery stores (OK, Food Lion, but I wouldn't eat their produce if you paid me), and very little on the community front. I'm sick of the selfish crap coming from people who don't want ANY change in their pweshus wittle town EVAR.

Daniel Amoni can buy produce from Carrboro... grown on all ZERO farms there. Oh wait, he has to consider other towns in the vicinity "local" in order to buy "local" produce at the farmers' market. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Mr. Amoni can also kiss my ass.


The Paris of the Piedmont?

You have to admit, it has a certain charm. My man and I had an idyllic evening dining outside the Weaver Street Market a few weeks ago. It was so beautiful sitting there with birds flitting, flowering trees around us, people everywhere enjoying conversation, children playing happily, dogs too. Almost unbelievably sweet. I guess good things don't last forever though.

Why does that place have to close in order for one to open in Hillsborough?

It's not closing.

They're relocating the kitchen to allow for expansion of store space, which is apparently what's got folks up in arms. Yes, it sucks for the people who currently walk or bike to work who have suddenly acquired a commute. I feel for them, and I hope some sort of arrangement for transportation can be worked out. I also wonder if it's really necessary to back up the shift start by 2 hours, because there's no way it'll take 2 hours to go the couple dozen miles to do the delivery.

There are 2 issues here: first, the kitchen move; second, the opening of a new, 3rd, store in downtown Hillsborough. Some people object to one, the other, or both. The site of the Hillsborough store is really nice, right by the Eno. They're going to own the whole first floor, and it's being built to their specs. There are plans for a riverwalk, unrelated to this, which would be a nice mix, I think. Nice things on the lawn.

The feeling I get from Amoni is "but why isn't it exactly the way I want it -- small, carrying a very limited selection of items, and just one store?" Never mind that if it carried few items, fewer people would shop there and he'd be out a co-op at all. Also, downtown Carrboro is an extremely high rent district, something like $15/sqft (vs $3 in Hillsborough.) That's a lot of money, and the savings can be used to increase pay for the employees who are put out by the move.

I like it when you get mad

....and obviously, potty mouth doesn't bother me.

There are parts of Charlotte that sound like Carrboro. You should see the stink raised when Eckerd wanted to put a store in Myers Park/Eastover. Yikes.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh noes, not ... progress!

I need to get better at channeling my anger into something more productive, I think. But ranting just feels so good ^__^

I usually can't channel that energy

until I've said what I need to say. There are certainly times I don't go public with my rants, but that's usually when they're not related to politics. I have a very fat file of unposted rants. :)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This might be interesting if you understood the issue

Plans for expanding WSM to Hillsborough are much older than the controversy. Is anyone mad that there's a WSM in Southern Village, for example?

The issue is where the food is made, not where it is sold or where you have to drive to buy it.

And while I'm anything but clean-mouthed myself, I am offended by the gratuitousness of the way you curse instead of trying to understand what people are actually upset about (their concerns about jobs, fuel, etc., are legitimate).

I think your calling is at Squeeze the Pulp - I was going to characterize the site, but I'll let you see for yourself. Please post there.

-- ge

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

I do understand the issue, thanks.

Yes, people have been upset about the SV expansion. They were at the time, though it was before I moved to the area. Robert is probably more knowledgeable in that regard, since he lives in SV.

Dan is also pissed that they're opening a store in Hillsborough, not just the food house moving issue. "They should start their own co-op and not use ours," to paraphrase.

Aww, did I hurt your pweshus feewings, George? I'm so incredibly NOT sorry. That's what a RANT means. Duh. And, as I'm a regularly-posting member here, I'm not going to quit posting just to make you happy.


Yeah, well,

to think I used to respect your opinions. Now I know not to.

Did I hit a little too close to home, perhaps?

Language and all that aside, getting back to the issue.

The problem is "change". I think there is good change and bad change and in the end I think this is good change.

You know, Southern Village still does a little bit of their own kitchen work, so perhaps there could be some compromise where the ped commuters could be kept in the kitchen doing "something".

If Carrboro feels really strongly about this, they should pressure their representatives to add a NEW tax that would be used to offset the difference in cost/square foot that Weaver Street is saving by moving to Hillsborough.

I think that C.D.s other point is this idea that Hillsborough is not local when it comes to Weaver Street producing food; from goods that are "locally" produced farther away than Hillsborough.

One man with courage makes a majority.
- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Not sure how your idea would work: taxing whom, exactly?

And, for pete's sake, what's up with the personal attacks, here? Can't we discuss the issue? Srsly. Rant = rant. I did put a warning up. Don't gotta read if it'll offend you.

I was responding to z.

My point is that many in Carrboro want to be outraged about Weaver Street moving, so if that is the case, then pay extra taxes to keep them in place.

One man with courage makes a majority.
- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Good luck with that.

No tax increases! (See discussion at OP from a week or so ago.)


At least you've got markets that sell "locally produced foods". Even though I live a stone's throw from several produce farms, there's only one that I can buy directly from. If I want local produce, I need to take time off from work to make it to the Farmer's Market that is only open during normal business hours. Otherwise, it's to Foodlion or Harris Teeter I go, because there isn't anything like what you're talking about here.

And you know - why not rant at the people you need to rant at? Because given what I just posted above, I think you sound spoiled and foolish.


So um....yeah. Whatever. is, um,

all fluffy bunnies and rainbows and "isn't Chapel Hill the best ever?". So stating anything remotely contradictory or argumentative is frowned on. [though they may as well change the name to CH/, because that's all that matters, apparently.]

I did attempt to make this point, much more politely, over there, which you can see if you feel like wading through the 86 comments (if you don't that's fine; it's mostly wankery anyway). It was ridiculed ("well, what if we expand the community to include all of OC? Then all of NC, then China!!!") and, feeling anger overriding productive arguments, I dropped it after 1 comment to explain what I meant.

I'm glad our farmers' market is Saturday mornings. There's also one on Wednesday afternoon/evening, which I've never made it to, because it's closed before I can get there. More places should have more easily accessible farmers' markets. Not much I can do about places I don't live.

This is great

My wife and I are going to be moving to Canton L'Orange if a couple of job interviews go well for me in the next week (one in Raleigh, and the other in Chapel Hill). As a couple of misplaced libs in Forsyth County, we've been dreaming of moving to the OC for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that she's organic and I'm vegetarian, and there are more great places to eat out and buy groceries in Orange County than in every city west in NC combined, until you get to Asheville.

I'm sorry to hear there's strife over there. I'm with icloud on this one. I've got some serious Orange envy over here in Naziland. I hope it gets worked out to where all of the liberals in my future (fingers crossed) homeland live.

Here's to my natural habitat. . .great points, C Di and Robert. Can't wait to have you for neighbors. . .

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.

Definitely awesome veggie options.

I love Sage and the Spotted Dog. I wish, of course, that I could eat at veggie restaurants where I actually live, but I'm no restauranteur. (Tupelo's, however, rocks my socks. They mostly have meat, but they've got veggie ravioli that's nice. I'd like to try Panciuto, but we need reservations, which requires planning.)

For me, the underlying issue is that Hillsborough has a serious financial drain to Chapel Hill and Carrboro, for a lot of things: good groceries, movies (we have no theater), restaurants. I try to support businesses in town, but some things just *aren't* here. So when a local business tries to expand into town and provide one of the missing items, and the residents of a nearby town get all in an uproar because they perceive it as selling out, that makes me decidedly less charitable to certain residents of that town.

(I don't have stats, and I'm not sure where to find such, but one of the factors in opening a branch was that there are already a lot of WSM owners who live in Hillsborough, who also, I presume, would like to keep their money even closer to home.)

More great points

One of the other reasons we are wanting to move is that our best friends live in Hillsborough. We visit them down there about once every month or two as it is, and we are very familiar with the scene down there. We met them at Spotted Dog for my birthday and at Margaret's Cantina last month. I always get everybody to go to WSM so I can get a cup of coffee and a Carrboro Bar and stock up on some supplies for the pantry and fridge.

While we've eaten at Tupelo's (yum) and the other place downtown---the seafoody texmex place practically next to it----you're right, there's not much in Hillsborough. People there do pour their money into Chapel Hill and Carrboro like crazy, and they are really jacked about the Weave coming in. I've always wanted to live in Chapel Hill/Carrboro since we decided to pursue this, and now I'm really considering Hillsborough, too!

So, I'm sorry that some people are hurt by this, but I think you are making some great points.

War is over if you want it.

War is over if you want it.

what happened

to Whole Foods moving into old Wal-mart plaza?

One man with courage makes a majority.
- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I haven't heard that one.

To the best of my knowledge, the old WalMart is still standing empty, with its period of exclusivity in force. I'd rather have the Weave than Whole Foods, but that wouldn't be an unwelcome addition.

But can't we get a movie theater? Please? The Lumina is nice, but far, and Timberlyne is close, but, um, old and doesn't have stadium seating (when you're as short as I am, it's a serious plus.) When they came around doing surveys about Hampton Pointe (aka the New SuperWalmart Plaza), I said I wouldn't shop at Walmart, and why can't we have a movie theater instead? But I guess I was the lone voice of dissent.